Saturday, 3 July 2010

where you will find me

so i have been here just over a week or so and my new world is looking just as i like, colourful and comfortable with the things i love in direct view, during this time i have even made a day trip back to that London to collect the final things i couldn't get in the car,7 hours drive each way... ouch ! and i want to know how is it possible to amass such rubbish, i could tell my dad was thinking "what the hell is that ?" when he saw such things as the huge garden gnome that guards my room... but its my rubbish and i love it so that's all that matters right ?

i showed you already my new view from my window, and now for some inside views.. these were taken with my little mobile phone camera, i like the quality.. kinda hazy but good... i think ?, and if you look at the picture below that shows the cushions on the bed, you can see on the wall this, i told you i wanted it, and i got it, and its even better in reality, and my favorite line is

"as you simplify your life,the laws of the universe will be simpler"

so now that my world is in decorative order, i might finally get some work done, and with my things around me, order to my life should fall into place..


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Stephen, your place looks so cozy and wonderful! I adore your new view!~~~XXOO, Beth

Amy said...

Hello, Dear Stephen...I've not been by your blog in a very long while, too long. We have been going through our own choppy waters, and I think I've been a little bit too inwardly focused. Anyway, it was lovely to see your new world on flickr this morning, and please know that this gal from California is with you in spirit, as you begin anew...Be strong!

Anonymous said...

Steven! Your new space looks magical. Your creativity is overflowing and I hope you are happy. I love to visit your blog! xxx Penny