Monday, 18 January 2010

i need help

so i wonder if like alcoholics anonymous there is a similar place for fabric addicts ? because if there was, right about now i would be standing up and saying my name is Steven and i just went mental at the liberty sale...

but hold off on the straight jacket, its all good.. I'm not ashamed in anyway to say I'm a 33 yr old massive hairy northerner, with 1 tattoo and a fondness for murder she wrote, and i bloody love pretty fabric.. the more floral and decorative and girlie the better, and last week when i was walking around liberty i was probably on more than one occasion overheard talking softly to the fabrics..

and i walked out with five 1m lengths of tana lawn.. i have never made anything in this fabric and it slightly scares me, but you can feel the quality, and the patterns are so amazing...

so watch this space.. pretty dresses for my new little shop (that i will debut soon) will be made.

Friday, 8 January 2010

should i do another one

so this is just a little peek at something I'm tempted to do... shall i open a third etsy shop just for the kids clothes i make, you see for ages now i have been making and selling little girls dresses and have recently started making little wool capes, which have proven very popular in carry me home, the shop i sell them in..

i have not put them in my other etsy shop yet because i think it might get confusing.. or should i just have one big shop with all my hand made things.. and the other one for the vintage ephemera i sell ?

Thursday, 7 January 2010

a snowy start

so yeah its been weeks since i last blogged and I'm blaming the snow for keeping me from doing much about it, so it might have actually only been like this for a few days but I'm pretending i have been lost in narnia looking for Mr tumnus and couldn't possibly blog... so to get me back in the swing here are some nice pretty pics i took today in the park near my house.. whats it like where you are ?