Friday, 29 August 2008

chasing paper

so for the last few weeks i have been hunting through skips, breaking into old peoples houses and stealing from library's....well,OK not quite, but i have been hunting around London for old bits and pieces for the paper chase, organised by magic jelly, who has asked for contributions to her paper collection, and in return she sends you a collage made from the stuff you fab is that, well i personally love this kind of thing so immediately got together a collection of old papers, cards, stamps and comics, it was requested that we send old papers that have faded and bruised with time,
you can see from the picture above that i got one thing dated from 1925, and i love how it will be reused in a modern interesting way in another country far away, when i get my collage i will blog about if you want to get involved, read all about it here...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

other peoples rubbish

so other peoples rubbish is usually my gold...if you know what i mean..look what i found recently at my local junk market that makes me smile and makes others sister thinks I'm just weired for buying an old rusty battered used kids paint set..but to me its got lovely qualities that i find attractive..its been used so it makes me wonder by who, and what did they paint with it ?..these are things ill never know...but i like the thought..
and just look how amazing this old watercolour chart is..when i saw this at spitalfields antiques market it was mine even before i asked how much..its currently lent up against a wall...and there it might stay for a long time...instant art..and that is what I'm gonna do with the paint tin..i intend to use the lid and hang it on a wall..
but before i throw away the used paints..i think i want to use them to paint my own picture...and i think I'm gonna use the watercolour chart as inspiration...i want to make a grid of squares and i will paint each one with whatever colour comes from each used paint block...i will blog about this when i do it...don't you think that's a nice idea..?..i do..
so someone else's rubbish really will be my gold...if you know what i mean.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

im jealous of a rabbit

i love this print, but it sold out many months ago..i just like it more than i should like a rabbit, called fifi lapin, wearing clothes from her many favorite all must know about this fashion do don't you ?...look here at her etsy shop and here for her fab blog....this is the best example of the simplest idea being executed with gigantic style...and you know what, I'm jealous of a rabbit...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

i love it..david hates it

so the title of this post says it all..i saw this at a car boot last week and internally screamed when i was told it was 50 pence...not 50 pounds..but 50 shiny pennies..or to you guys in the states..roughly one whole dollar...i said to the stall holder..erm,,yeah go on then ill take it of your hands, and as i walked away..or maybe i was actually skipping, i knew i had found a proper don't get me probably only cost a few pounds brand new..its made from cheap wood and has a fake gold plastic edging, but i don't care..i love it excitement was slightly dampened when i showed it to my David, and he just screwed up his face and said.."whats that shit"...hes so eloquent i know, but as usual i just turned on my heels and carried my new best friend to the car and got more excited than a normal 32 yr old man should about where i could display this lovely thing..that if your wondering is a fire place cover thingy..i took the little legs of it as they were a bit rubbish...and as i type this now its smiling at me from across the room..the best 50p i have ever spent..

the urban craft stars

so this week in kingly court in central London, opened a pop up shop called the urban craft stars, and its stocked by independent artists and crafters, many of whom have etsy shops. the place is full of original hand crafted furniture and interiors, fashion and gifts and art for your walls.

it was set up and organised by the guys behind littlechook, and they gathered together an eclectic range of people whose work all compliments and bounces of each other...I'm slightly jealous I'm not involved myself...maybe next time ?..hint hint .

so for more information go here, to the urban craft star blog, and if your in London then give this place a visit and see whats going on, its fun, and my heart was going boom boom boom at many of the things on display.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

im a sheep

so it seems that everyone in the world has one of these..and i want one too..but I'm not sure why ?...or which colour to get..i think the yellow is my favorite...i have a yellow thing going on in my house..its just a happy colour..and i don't know about you guys but i do need to "keep calm and carry on" sometimes...I'm a terrible internal guilt collector..its because i have a head bursting with unfinished projects and ideas and a body that's too lethargic to do much about looking at this as i sit and panic might help...its from here..and this lady has one of the best blogs out there..she is a daily treat for my eyes..

Thursday, 7 August 2008

i love this...

so i just saw this and thought of me...and how it would look lovely hanging in my life somewhere..I'm thinking as a bedside light...its from here..and they even do little single cute ones..but I'm a size queen and like em big....ain't it just lovely..

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

i made something nice

so i have made something that turned out lots better than i thought it would..when that initial light bulb went off inside my usually empty head i just had to get cracking and get these done..and these are them..embroidery hoop pin cushions and i have just listed them here...
embroidery hoop pin cushion
i have used hoops before as bag handles and really like the feel and look of them and have seen lots of them all over etsy recently.but not like this..just imagine the endless fabrics i could use..and even the sizes,,maybe ill make a massive one just for my own amusement..these ones use a 5" hoop and is a nice hand full...and if your a size queen like me..size does matter..
embroidery hoop pin cushion
I'm selling them for $15.00, is that too much..or not enough ?..either way i like making them and they are a new thing for me to obsess about for a while..I'm like that..i get one idea and run with it for a while until a new light bulb goes pop in my head..wonder how long that will be ?..
embroidery hoop pin cushion

Sunday, 3 August 2008

i should be so lucky

so this last week saw me dancing like an idiot to miss Kylie Minogue at the massive 02 arena, here in sweaty London.. i only have 2 dance moves and i used them both to maximum effect all through the concert..apart from the sit down bits when i demonstrated some fancy chair dances which involved heavy use of the shoulders....

the concert was not the best i have ever been to as she did lots of songs even i did not know ?, but it was easily one of the most visually powerful with brilliant use of the gigantic video walls behind her,

and we had the best seats, directly in the middle at the back which gave us a perfect full frontal view...the atmosphere was electric and when she sang "i should be so lucky" at the end i thought my legs were gonna fall off as i was using my 2 moves at their most effective then..

i have seen Kylie 3 times in concert now but the most memorable time seeing her was a few years ago at her sisters concert at a small club in London,and at the end on walked Kylie to give her sister some flowers..and this was Kylie's first public appearance since her breast cancer nightmares...and I'm not joking when i say i thought the club would explode with all the screams and cheers and shouting and was incredible and ill never forget it..but last Wednesday will keep me visually satisfied until the next time...