Friday, 23 November 2007

little soldiers

so i want these..and might just get them...they are from carry me home and i kinda want them to stand on a shelf in my house guarding my treasured rubbish colection of crap...please santa..i have been a good boy.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

who wants a kitten

so this is just to show the world what i am currently putting up with...cheese, our kitten has discovered the joy and hilarity that can be found with our blinds, for some reason she is the only one that finds it funny, if shes not half in and half out of these then she can generally be found hanging off the curtains or causing us great pain by chewing on our toes...oh the little b*%@..

parcels make me smile

so remember a few weeks ago i blogged about a horses head shaped vase that made me go ga ga with excitement...well after a nightmare with the delivery people it finally arrived from across the pond and landed at my feet..well i ripped open the box like a mad man, whilst documenting the process with photos for you to see, and there he/she was...looking up at me like a decapitated carousel horse...just now need to find a suitable place where it can be seen by me at all times and far enough away not to cause my David to gag at its fab nastiness...

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

wanna carry me home ?

so remember last week i mentioned a new website I'm working on with my mate Gayle from carry me home ?...well its only blooming live and up and running and bursting full of fab things to buy.

this cool kids shop is in London,in a lovely little shopping courtyard just off carnaby street and is full of colour and texture and is full of carefully chosen unique handmade things, many of which are only available in carry me home .from beautiful dresses to knitted tank tops and limited edition toys.

and carry me home also sells my little accidents and they are also for sale on this new website, which deliverer's worldwide and also offers a customisation service so you can make a more personal gift.
so don't look later...look and you wont be disappointed...its brilliant...and little ole me did quite a lot of it...hurrrahhh for me.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

in my imaginary house

so in my imaginary house where i will live like a queen and decorate like a mad man i am gonna do this thing i saw whilst browsing, on every wall in every room, and in as many different combinations and colour ways David will probably dump me but i will be left with amazing wall details that i can admire....till i get bored and fall in love with something else....

im not sure what they used to get the cicles but i think i could use them cardboard cake tray thingies that are silver and sparkly...dont you agree it looks brilliant....or is it just me ?