Thursday, 8 July 2010

excuse the creases

so my 14yr old niece Lisa is far cooler than me and has one of those new fancy pants iphone thingies... and i made her put the hipstamatic app onto it so i could take cool pictures..(I'm already addicted to it) and just look how cool these are that i took of some new dresses i made for carry me home.
but please do excuse the creases, the effort to get the iron out was far too dull and boring when i had that fancy phone camera computer music playing thingy in my hand...


I am Julie said...

That is a fun app, and there's also one called PhotoFunia, which is lots of fun. It enables you to put your photos in frames that makes them look like they are in a museum, or on a billboard, or as a caricature.

Even better though is Angry Birds (a game) which has nothing to do with photos, but is so addicting.

D R E W said...

my favorite combo are:

"John S" lens and "Pistil" film with the "normal" flash or the "blue gel" flash.

also nice is "Jimmy" lens and "Ina's 1969" with the "Red Eye Gel" flash. Although, the Jimmy lens makes things blurry.