Friday, 23 July 2010

i have new eyes

so I'm sure nobody could care less but i have new spectacles and i blooming love them.. i got a cracking deal from vision express, buy one get one, so my first choice was these lovely clear rimmed beauties from RayBan..and my second free pair were these black rimmed, with a clear plastic detail at the side, from diesel, so two quite different looks for whatever mood i have.. i loved my previous stupidly expensive ones and looked far and wide for some replacements, and I'm more than happy.. i love being a speccy four eyes..
a tattoo is next on my shopping list, so watch this space... something i recently purchased has massively influenced part of my design... i cant wait to be inked, as the cool kids say..


Everything Stops for Tea said...

v nice new specs!!! I particularly like the clear frames, looking forward to seeing the tattoo!!

Sarah said...

Wow-lovely new glasses! They are so expensive so it is great to get a good deal. Hope all is going well for you in your new place too!

Anonymous said...

hey speccy 4 eyes,
I have been a dedicated blog lurker for near-on a year. I saw (and followed with interest) your increasing popularity in Carry Me Home AND your designing-my-own-home-space features with purchases of coolio stuffs from etsy.
I think I know you through here and that's weird I know.
so hi.
i'm a lurker
and a dedicated one.
a bit like coconut ;-)

carry me home said...

Hello! Just tried to email you from the link on your profile but couldnt get it to work, will try again later...Love the glasses, especially the raybans! I have 'new eyes' as well - have gone for contacts, wasnt having mach luck with glasses, i accidently flushed my missoni ones down the toilet!! The sewing machine is being very tempramental today - keeps making strange clunking noises, do you have any tips?!