Thursday, 29 July 2010

very handy

so my friend Zoe, from love from hetty and dave, who i have talked about before has made the best pin cushion i have ever seen.. its just too cool.. look, its only a bloody severed hand, what else would you use a felt severed hand for ? pins of course.. and if your quick the first 10 sold are only £10.00... get one quick...
she also is on twitter and would like some lovely new followers, i do follow some people but I'm not part of the twitter world yet, i just like to be nosey and see what some rubbish celebrities have been up to but not sure its for me really, but maybe i should ?.. follow her here..


Sarah said...

What a great thing! The best bit is the bone sticking out from the wrist! And so much better than using you own hand.

LaƩly said...

So cute!
So funny! rs