Sunday, 20 February 2011

im selling liberty

i know i have a small fabric addiction bit sometimes i just have to let it go to a better home than mine, and this week I'm selling some liberty fabric that i have had lying around for a while, i LOVE liberty tana lawn but to be honest, for the dresses i make i much prefer a heavier weight cotton, i think it just sews better, but hey that's just my preference, maybe i should experiment and see what i can do.. but anyway for now these fabrics can be found here in my sisters ebay shop.. I'm also massively addicted to ebay but that's for another story..

Friday, 18 February 2011

blanket booty

this last few weeks i have been pretty lucky at the local car boot sales by finding and grabbing stupidly colorful vintage wool blankets, in the future when i have my eclectically patterned tiny house with a little easy to care for garden i will scatter these kind of things over chairs in cozy corners, or maybe alternatively ill bang them in my vintage etsy and make some cash, i cant decide, what should i do.. ?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

i went to london

last week i jumped on a train and sped south to stinky London town, calling it stinky is my way of saying i no longer find that place as wondrous as i once did, bad memories etc, have tainted the big city for me but for a few days i can cope with it... and its always nice to see friends and to get a taste of things i just cant get up here in the wilderness of west cumbria, don't get me wrong i totally love being up here but it is lacking in many things that most big cities offer... anyway here's a few snaps i took..these are my dresses hanging on a rail in carry me home, my main London stockist
this is a corner of carry me home that caught my eye, i love these stacking blocks and the blackboard is always so fun,
this next picture is two contrasts to the big city, the image on the left is inside leadenhall market in the city and its a beautiful place to have a little wander and grab some food, and the image on the right is what will soon be Europe's tallest building, the shard, and its just gigantic and i have enjoyed watching it slowly rise from a huge hole in the ground.. i know there are many bigger buildings in the world but this is still quite breathtaking to see up close..
and finally what i bought, i had a Christmas gift voucher to spend so i ran off to John Lewis as soon as i got to London and grabbed this Rob Ryan vase, i love it, its so very me, and the fabric on the right i got from liberty, i really think i am addicted as i so don't need any more fabric in my life, but before i knew it i was walking out with half a meter of each...
 so London was ok, but I'm glad i don't live there anymore, a happy tourist yes, and happy I'm no longer a frustrated resident.

Monday, 7 February 2011


hello, i have not updated this thing since before Christmas, i have pretty much had the whole of January off and just hibernated like a tortoise, and ate too much food and got fatter, but i guess ill have to try and get back into some kind of routine.. how long do tortoises actually hibernate for ?  anyway this week i got an e mail of a magazine over in Korea, asking if i would send them some pics of my bedroom.. as they are doing a feature on boys and girls rooms, i didn't tell them I'm nearly 35, because i guess my room does look like it could belong to a small fluffy girl... but i got out my rubbish camera, on one of the greyest dullest days and tried my best to make light come from somewhere, i sent off the pics and so far i didn't get a reply telling me they were rubbish so here are a few of them to get me back into this blogging malarkey...

(after just looking at thesze pics again, bloody hell i really need a new camera. feel free to buy me one..)