Thursday, 29 January 2009

i made this

so this can be applied to a person or inanimate object... i made it for my David a while back, being the romantic he is, he looked at it, and if i remember said "whats that"...and then went on about how we have no space anywhere for more stuff... nice eh..oh well, its my phrase and I'm sticking with whats made your heart go boom boom boom ?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

im going here

so in 4 weeks time ill be in sunny California, having mucho funno in disneyworld, ill be going on all the rides and doing all the shows and eating all the burgers one man can eat... and i can eat many...but to change things up a bit we are having a trip to las Vegas for 1 night, where we are going to see Cher in concert, yes I'm gay and i suppose i can tick it off my gay things to do before i die list...(i have already ticked the Liza Minnelli in concert box) and me and David are really quite giddy with excitement, him more about Cher, and me more about seeing the bright lights of sin city... now this is where you can help..we are only really going be there for 1 afternoon and evening, and then the fallowing morning till mid afternoon, so what should we do, see experience, i have researched a bit and I'm excited to visit 2 shops only, anthropologie and urban outfitters, and i know where they are, but what else ?, ill be taking a gazillion photographs, so whats worth seeing to take a picture of, and what trashy souvenirs can i get... the trashier the better... I'm sooooo excited.... HELP....

Monday, 26 January 2009

i took these pics

so as some of you might know, i help out in my friends shop carry me home, and recently i have been thinking about some greetings cards that i would like to make to sell there, and today, instead of thinking, i did, and took these photographs that I'm gonna print and turn into the fore mentioned cards... I'm not 100% sure i love them yet but with a little tweak here and there i think they are what i imagined in my head... this collage shows 6 different images that individually will each make 1 card..and whilst i was playing with these pictures i did one that i thought could make a good valentines card, or even maybe a print, what do you think ?...

Saturday, 24 January 2009

i want it bigger

so i saw this and it had me at hello, BUT, its so small, i at first thought it was a lovely vintage poster or page from a book, but its something called a mello smello ?...and from what it says i presume you scratch it and smell it ?... it measures only 2"x2.5" and is from trunk of pretty's etsy shop, i know it would make a lovely valentine, but i want it to be bigger, and yeah i know i could scan it and make it bigger but it wouldn't be an original then.... i like originals, not reproductions,...oh well... ill just look at it now and again and smile...

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

paperchase is brilliant

so paperchase is one of my favorite shops and their new collections are just hitting the stands, and its an explosion of color over every product, but my favorite is this hexagonal stupidly brilliant print, and i just had to spend a whole one pound to get a sheet of wrapping paper, and put it in a lovely big frame i recently got in habitat, that from now on will be known as my ever changing wrapping and wall paper frame. i will get samples of wallpaper i like and different sheets of wrap to create instant art.what you think ?, looks good dont you agree.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

more nice things

so i have bought some more vintage playing card goodness from etsy and they arrived today, all beautifully wrapped by elizabeth wren vintage,the fab shop i got them from. now i admit to not having a clue what game they are from or what ill ever do with them, but i know i love the illustrations and graphics and the fresh bright colors are so intense and lovely.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

i should have bought this

so in my list of etsy favorites i store things that make my heart go boom boom boom, and always secretly hope that nobody buys them, unless of course its me, but being very poor with not much spare cash to spend i often let things slip through my fingers, and this book from cozy studio is one such thing i should have bought, but never mind, I'm sure its off to a good home.and I'm blogging about it now to share the lovely illustrated cover that would have adorned my walls for years to come, i was not a all bothered about the story, just the cover... what have you missed out on ?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

bejewelled goodness

so i got some new etsy treasures through the post this week and my absolute favorite is this vintage page from a dictionary that is of precious gems, i saw a similar one a while back and missed getting it, so when i saw this from salvage nation i grabbed it like a thief in a jewellery shop.the illustrations and the colours and details will look fantastic when i get it framed and on display somewhere in my house...i love etsy...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

change is in the air

so I'm gonna implement some changes into my life,...its a new year blah blah blah and I'm doing great on my resolutions to watch more television, walk less and eat more cake, however I'm determined to grab back some of the passion i used to have for creating, you see recently its been nothing more than a chore, and that has to change, i want to fall in love again with getting messy and finding loose threads all over my clothes and washing paint from my fingers every night in the bath.i have gotten into a rut and have become lazy regarding the accidents i once used to often make. so this post is a blast to the not so distant past when i used to make stuff... and watch this space for the new things i have whizzing around my head... notice i have changed my blog header.. that's a good place to start don't you think... change is definitely in the air.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

home sweet home

so my favorite place in the world is my home, if i could, i would be a hermit and happily exist mainly within my little jumble filled walls, except of course for the occasional far flung adventure where i could buy more stuff to fill my environment. ask any of my friends, even ask my David and he will tell you i don't like going out unless i really have to... but sometimes when i do venture beyond my front step i find treasures that make the experience so worthwhile, and this tiny minuscule little fabric patch was one just find.
i have had this for ages now and have been waiting for just the right frame, and thanks to a gift card for paperchase i got for Christmas i was able to find just the one... look at the detail on the patch. read the poem, and just think, who wouldn't want a small house upon a hill, and isn't the frame just brilliant... now just don't expect me to leave the house again anytime soon...

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

practice fantastic

so i also got a sparkly new digital camera from my David for Christmas, even though i had pleaded with him not to get me one as i have one and a half perfectly lovely ones already, but he got me a sony cyber shot thingy, with a massive big viewing screen and some buttons that are rather small and technical looking, and today i took it for a walk in the park had a play, and I'm not sure what i think of the results....
i think I'm an OK picture taker and can compose a nice image, i don't ask for much out of a camera, just sharp clear images and a close up feature for those etsy listings that need a detailed shot, all the technical mumbo jumbo that I'm sure lots of people care about can happily fly in one of my ears and out the other... i just don't care that much, i want to capture holiday memories and take pictures that will make me smile for years to come... but for now ill keep playing and see what i think... any thoughts ?

Monday, 5 January 2009

nice new stuff

so i have got some lovely new things in my life, what with just recently being on holiday and of course Christmas just gone, i thought id get back into blogging with a show and tell of some of what i bought and what i was given as gifts.
firstly I'm kinda into cups and mugs and have a few new ones to add to my collection, and this picture below shows my new additions, its become a tradition that my David buys me a new Kath kidstone mug every Christmas and the chicken one is this years treat, the Lego cup with my name on is from a brilliant Lego shop in downtown Disney in Orlando Florida, and i just had to have it in case i forget my name, the tea time one i got just because i liked the text and the last one is from habitat that i just got in the sales...
so the next picture shows one of the things i bought myself from a mall in Florida and it had me at hello, a glass domed cake stand that was too cheap to refuse, and the panic that it might not survive the journey home was enough to make the 8 hour flight quite uncomfortable, but it did survive and its currently filled with sweets and treats, I'm afraid i don't remember the shops name, but isn't it excellent..
so every time we go to get our weekly shopping and as I'm pushing the trolley around as David fills it with goodies, its become a bit of a joke that i always ask him for a box of cake mix, he always says no and i walk on by laughing to myself, and possibly the best thing he got me this Christmas was a fab stripey red and white mixing bowl and four boxes of delicious cake mixes to how brilliant is he,..he knows me too well, and he also bought me a ceramic cup cake cookie jar,...cookies and biscuits don't last long in my house so i doubt many will see the inside of this lovely thing..looks nice in my kitchen though..
i got lots of other nice things too but I'm certainly not showing you the new pants i got or the many pairs of socks, i did get some amazing vouchers and have had much fun in borders, habitat, paperchase and waterstones. vouchers make shopping even more fun as the guilt factor of spending money is gone, and frivolity takes over. so i hope you all got nice things too, I'm already excited by next Christmas... only hundreds of days to wait.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

this is wrong in many ways

so i was just sitting here thinking what to do next and suddenly looked at what i had just consumed whilst browsing the world wide web looking for inspiration...and its just wrong, but so nice, and its going to stop..(when i finish the 2 boxes i have left)..anyway this made me realise its time to start again, as they say, and kick off the new year with a new sense of urgency, new products will be arriving in the shop, if i ever get the ones i have started finished, and new adventures are on the horizon, so i say onwards and upwards and here we go....scream if you wanna go faster....arghhhhhhhhhhh,..first thing is that normal regular bogging will commence tomorrow...