Tuesday, 27 July 2010

repetition kills me

so i have just finished a commission i was given, to make 25 toys, i was set the brief by Scott from hairyhand creative, and i came up with the design.. i spoke about it here weeks ago,.. and now that its all done and packed up and ready to go, i can say i really enjoyed doing it but the repetition involved was quite something.
i make the same things often, dresses and toys but usually with different fabrics and details, .. so to make these all so similar was a challenge, i did add my own touches, the placement of the eyes gives each one its own character, the spikey felt hair is all different, and the placement of the "trousers" is unique on each toy, but the fabrics were the same on every one... and by the time i had sewn on the 50th eye i was going slightly mental. b
ut i hope you agree the end result is pretty impressive.. and we are already discussing the next toy we can do together.. so watch this space...


sko_G knits said...

it may kill you but it delights us. it's like looking at 101 dalmations, but not 101 and not dalmations. great job in the collaboration!

D R E W said...

they look great! i have a huge order due in a few weeks and the repetition is exactly what i'm fearing the most!