Thursday, 15 July 2010

thanks very much

so when i worked at carry me home, i would answer the telephone by saying, "hello carry me home".. and my friend thought it was highly amusing to reply "no thanks i couldn't pick you up".. but today I'm sending out a thanks to my old workplace because they have blogged about my dresses that i sell fact they sell so well there that sometimes it seems all i do is cut out and sew dresses.. I'm not complaining though.. you see carry me home is smack bang in the center of London and tourists from around the world have bought my things and i like knowing my dresses are well traveled.
thanks carry me home xx


carry me home said...

Hi Steven, Rowenna here, nice to hear your still reading the blog - im doing my best with it! Your dresses are probably my favourite thing to sell in the shop, the fabrics are sooo cute! I have photos ready to post on the blog of the 2 - 3 yrs dresses we received yesterday (can you do 23 - 24 yrs?! I love them that much haha!!)

carry me home said...

Hi again, yeah im settling in really well - its the perfect job! About the dresses in bigger sizes, someone bought 2 of your 2-3 yrs dresses today and asked if you could do 3-4 yrs? He has been buying the dresses for 2 years but his girls are getting too big!!