Sunday, 22 February 2009

back in a few weeks

so i still have the house to clean and my packing to do before we get out of gloomy london and spend 12 hours in a flying machine taking us to fun sunny california, for some disneyland, las vegas and san diego adventures.... see you when i get back... x

Thursday, 19 February 2009

i might buy this

so as you might be aware I'm going to my favorite place this coming Monday, the grand ole U S of A, and im mega excited to visit Las Vegas for the first time where i will be mainly spending time in urban outfitters where i think i might buy this printed rug, its only $14.00 and i like it... should i buy it ?i also really like this coat rack, its just so erm, well, its just very welcoming, but my stupid landlord really does not approve of us putting things up on the walls so its not something i could use just yet, but one day in the future im sure ill have a wall to call my own, should i buy it ?
we do have urban outfitters here in london but they are rubbish compared to the ones in america, and thats why im mega excited.
so remember a few weeks back when i showed the fun i had been having with foam letters and the card i made, well i have started selling them at carry me home before i have even listed them on my own shop, but its a good place to start and i have already sold a few so its a good sign that people like them. I'm now gonna wait until after my Californian adventure before i list more things in my shop, and i have made some cool plush accidents that ill show you later.

Friday, 13 February 2009

e is for

so i love this, and love etsy for letting me see a link to this on the front page, into my favorites it went and to the top of the i want this list it goes, its from a fab shop called walking to Jericho that is just visually beautiful... i want actually i think i need it...maybe if i have some cash left after my Vegas adventure, ill treat myself..maybe.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

i love these

so my friend gemma owns a very successful company called lazy oaf, and she has just done some new valentines cards, and they are just hilariously brilliant and they just make me smile a very happy all know the people in this first one..but some of you might not know these next two lovers, they are ken and Deidre from coronation street, the UK's most popular soap, and again this card is just too excellent,.. i would be more than happy if i got any of these cards... would you ?

Monday, 9 February 2009

more work in progress

so as usual with me i have many unfinished projects waiting for the final touches to make them complete, and this picture shows one such experiment waiting patiently for completion, they are for some happy accidents that I'm making, and i don't know about you but when i make something i tend to make more than one at a time, i started out thinking 5 would be a good number only to end up with 10 on the go.. more pictures soon...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

fun with foam

so i have been like a 4 yr old boy having fun with sticky foam letters, and have been making a proper mess, and from this mess came some nice little cards that I'm, not hopefully, i am going to be selling in my shop soon... i don't know about you guys but sometimes its the simple easiest materials that produce the loveliest and best designs..

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

so not every minute of my day is spent watching TV and eating cake...just lots of it, so these are snippets of some work in progress, that actually with my lack of commitment has been in progress for months... one day they will be works completed.. when ?..who knows...for now they just look nice and unfinished..

Monday, 2 February 2009

snow madness

so it snows in london today and the whole city falls apart,no trains, busses, and even shops have had to stay closed, the roads are un-drivable and the pathways are slippy and messy...but its brilliant....its all over the news and its affecting everything..but its brilliant...long may it continue, im all for being made to stay in my house and stay warm..i know in some parts of the world snow is a daily thing to deal with and apparantly in some countries people strap big long bits of wood to there feet and slide down it but here in england its stll cause for panic and distress, schools have to close and plastic boxes get turned into sledges but i love it, and i dont think anyone will make a better snowman than i did, even if mine is only about 10cm tall and on the top of my bin.