Saturday, 31 May 2008

divas and ledgends

so this is just a quick post to document for my own amusement the fact that the last few weeks since i got back from Florida seems to have been spent watching some divas and legends perform in concert...first it was Celine Dion who performed at the gigantic O2 arena in front of 20.000 screaming fans...well my David was screaming...i was just politely applauding,..she was very brilliant but it all seemed so fake and posed...and she punched the air at the end of every song as if to say..I'm skinny and amazing and you cant sing like me.
and a few days ago i went to see Liza Minnelli perform at a relatively small theatre in London to an audience that consisted of posh people and many well groomed gay couples...and a few celebrities, oh and some Saudi prince who i watched dancing like an idiot in his special box...and i can honestly say from the moment she appeared silhouetted against a white backdrop till the moment she took her final bow wearing a sparkly red number, it was one of the most amazing things i have ever been to..i feel privileged to have been was like watching history on stage..and i loved every bit of it...

Friday, 23 May 2008

my feet

so i just thought you would all like to see my big fat hairy feet..OK maybe you will be more interested in the patterns around them..i was just looking through my holiday pics and made this collage to show you..everywhere in Disney it seemed that the carpets and tiles under my feet were overly detailed and stupidly a good way though...look..

and even the wallpaper in the hotel i stayed in was richly detailed..can you spot the certain hidden Disney logo ?...not so well hidden really..but just an indication of how well thought out every detail is...i so wanna go back...oh i Christmas..I'm already counting down the days....

Monday, 19 May 2008

talented friends

so i have written about my friend Becky before and this weekend i visited her in her studio and again was blown away by her work..she is still working with vintage flags and old bus destination signs..but she is now printing a cross stitch pattern onto the flags and then applying the cross stitch which gives the finished cushion 3 distinct layers..quite lovely and very tactile and if you want to buy me one i will accept it happily..see beckys website to see many more fantastic images of her work..

Thursday, 15 May 2008

lego loveliness

so there i was in Lego world...a massive shop in downtown Disney in Florida...did i mention i have just been on holiday ?..i was looking for a gift and getting some air conditioned cool air before going out into the stupidly hot heat...when i saw this whole wall covered in little Lego men...there must have been thousands of them and they were all different...look how brilliant it is..I'm not really a Lego fan but i would have such fun building this...not sure where it would live though ?

Monday, 12 May 2008

im back and not ready to start work

so I'm back..and i have had a fab Holiday in sunny Walt Disney world in lovely sunny Florida. id like to say i did every ride in every park and watched every parade and saw every show there was to see, but seen as i have been quite a few times i actually had most fun splashing about in the hotel pool after breakfast and making sure i was back in my room to watch the Ellen show...i so wish she was on over her,,we do get her show but weeks after its been on in the states...i want it the same day you get it...

the weather was incredible and a suntan of some description was achieved. food...oh the food..I'm so built for American food,and the portion sizes suit me in every way...and with the current exchange rate..its so cheap for us Brits to visit was bargains at every turn...
but now suppose its back to crafting and thrifting and seeing what mark i can make on the world...or maybe ill just look through my thousands of pictures...unlike many blogs who when they go on holiday report on cool shops they found...not me...all my pics are of me and mickey mouse or me with a silly hat on...i so want to live in America..but until that day happens..and I'm confident it will one all have a magical day...x