Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Monday, 15 December 2008

i have been away

so now I'm back..not that really for 1 second did i think anyone even gave me a tiny thought of concern as to where i was...but whilst all you folks here in miserable England were freezing i was burning my bald head in ever so sunny and hot Florida, well outside of the Walt Disney world boundary it was Florida, inside the boundary it was the place where dreams come was our second visit this year and we went this time for some festive fun and some shop shop the trees were massive and bejewelled, the fake snow fell as if real, the fireworks were bigger than any you will have ever seen,and the shopping was incredible..even with the weak monetary conversion bargains could be and were found...i will post some pics of the goodies i bought in another post..wait till you see my glass domed cake cool and soo cheap...but for now just gaze at some holiday pics...see that lighthouse below ?..can you believe that was in the grounds of the hotel we stayed in.. it was actually more like a small town as it was sooo big, nothing in Disney is small..especially not the hotels..or resorts as they call them.. so normal blogging will resume soon... hope everyone is well, and only slightly jealous that this time last week i was swimming with dolphins.

Monday, 1 December 2008

arms at the side

so i help my friend in her shop carry me home and i just wanted to show you guys what has been flying out of the shop and from the website, I'm responsible for the website deliveries and lately i have seen more of the post office than i have my own home, all i need is a black and white cat and i will be postman pat. but look at them, these little soldier skittles are too cool for kids...