Sunday, 31 October 2010

my favorite model

meet Scarlett, again, i first introduced her here, and just look at her now. on my recent trip back to London i gave her a dress i made and here she is showing it off like seasoned pro... i love how well coordinated she is...
just imagine how many lovely things ill be able to make her as she grows up...i cant wait..

Friday, 29 October 2010

busy busy

this last few weeks all i have been doing is making dresses, then some more dresses, you see this weekend its the first market I'm doing since i joined made in cumbria, there was once a time when i was a regular stall holder down in London, and i loved it.
but its been so long that I'm panicking ill forget something crucial.. like bags for people to put things in.. or change to give them if they don't pay the exact amount. but look, dont the ones i have made look good hanging together.. I'm doing 6 more markets before Christmas and will add more products as the weeks go by, but for now my 30 dresses will do just fine..
oh and please pray it does not rain, the weather has been miserable here the last few days...

Monday, 25 October 2010

let there be light

i saw this today in a shop in keswick, in the lake district, and i want to do it in my house.. i have seen it before in magazines and on blogs but having now seen this in person i want my own cluster of vintage shades hanging from my ceiling, definitely one for the memory bank of future must do's.

Monday, 18 October 2010

i love these

i was just rummaging around the biggest vintage store in the world, or at least my favorite one.. yeah I'm talking about etsy... and i sometimes just type into the search box random words to see what comes up, and today i put in education and i saw lots of lovely things but my heart was mainly stolen by this globe.. i love it... but don't need it and probably not going to buy it but i will love it forever... its from mila treasures

Saturday, 16 October 2010


i was asked by a friend of mine to make a personalised gift for her friends new baby girl and this what i came up with.. i have done a few of these birds now and really enjoy bringing them to life.. the legs are always the last things i paint on, and only then are they ready to fly...
and i made a soft toy also, i really want to start making toys again, but i dont have enough pairs of hands to do that.. just in this last few weeks 3 new shops have asked about my dresses so im up to my eye balls in them.. useless etsy does not work for me but at least other places like them... anyway here is the toy..

Friday, 8 October 2010

lovely accessories

i think this fabric is one of my absolute favorites, its the accessories lovers dream design with shoes bags hats and many more items all in one.. and when made into a cute little dress it looks even better. i have been buying lots of fabric recently because of the Christmas markets coming up soon, I'm building up a good stock ready to sell.. or hope to sell ? and i know this print will prove most popular.

they are now in the shop

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

new ink

i got my new tattoo today and i love it, its exactly as i wanted it to be, clean and unfussy, the stars and words are new, the tribal style band part is ancient, and if anything represents the old me... the words here are so important to me and are part of a phrase that i read daily.. i blogged about it here some months ago and knew i wanted it not only to be in my head but part of me..
and I'm very happy with the end result, it flows around my arm really nicely, and i don't care what anyone says tattoos bloody hurt... but worth it..

Sunday, 3 October 2010

i love these

i like nothing better than looking through etsy at vintage books and ephemera, especially childrens books, and i love these , i want them on my wall, framed or just propped up on my shelf.. should i ?... ill have a think, they are from here

Friday, 1 October 2010

no longer in love

so i am back from 3 days in London, and for the first time ever i couldn't wait to leave, i lived there somehow for nearly 13 years, and towards the end couldn't wait to get out, i just now find it a hectic crazy busy place that actually just drives me slightly mental, getting around is just hard work, the public transport sucks and its just not home to me anymore, and never will be again I'm sure. maybe i was rushing about too much trying to fit in everything i had to do and all the people i wanted to see ?. ill always go back to visit friends but will always be happy in the knowledge i can leave. so for now here are some of the sights i snapped with my little trusty phone camera.

can you guess which of the above images is my favourite one...

from top to bottom, 1,2 and 3 greenwich antiques market, 4, all the fun of the fair, 4, john lewis, 6, fur coat no knickers, 7, view from window on way home