Thursday, 30 April 2009

hey horsie

so i have been away for a few days and surprised my mum by going home for the first time in over a year, and whilst i was there i had fun making a mess with my niece, went to some cool car boots, more about this later, and just had a giggle, going home always excites me because my family live near the seaside, not far from the lake district in cumbria, and its very beautiful, although i lived there for 18 years i never appreciated it, but now i look and just go WOW,..however these pictures made me smile more this time, and when this guy popped his head over my sisters garden fence i just had to snap away..i was lucky my camera was not eaten for breakfast as he was ever so interested and I'm convinced he was posing for me and giving me his best looks.or was he looking at me thinking..fat idiot ?

Friday, 24 April 2009

i made more stuff

so it seems i really have got my motivation back and it seems i cant stop making stuff, and whilst this is brilliant, i kinda don't want to part with these because i honestly love them more than cake. they took far longer to make than they should have but the end result is so worth it.the mix of colours and fabrics and patterns all mesh together in a really complimentary way, and there are features on these that i know i will use again and again knowing that every time a different end result will be achieved.and i really would like to make much bigger versions, the biggest pillow here is only 11 inches square, and the amount of work in that took ages so a bigger version would need to retail for a much higher price, but i think it will look sadly for me, these are now in my shop for sale, is it wrong that i don't care if they don't sell.. it just means i can gaze lovingly at them for a little longer, and knowing my success with etsy ill have quite some time to admire them I'm sure.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

st for steven

so t for today the postman delivered to me a p for parcel full of goodness, one that i have been excited to see since i b for bought it a few weeks ago... its a vintage consonant poster card,look at it its more lovely than a box full of lovely things.
i got it from a fab e for etsy shop called maymouse,and it wasn't to difficult for me to fall in love with this as i collect things with the letter S, and this has the first 2 initials of my n for name so it was a no brainer, and the s for star was just to good to be true. and the shop still has some lovely ones available, i wish i had bought the queen one and the r for ring one, but i didn't so never mind, and included in the package was a set of v for vintage playing cards that spelt out my name, that was a nice touch that made me s for r for run along now and b for buy yourself one of the remaining cards, oh and they are not small, just a bit less than A3...if you k for know what i mean.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

thanks to sex and the city

so Thursday afternoon was happily spent watching sex and the city on DVD and making some stuff, some soft toys to be precise, and i wanted to make some specifically for the shop as all the other little ones i make seem to get sold in carry me home long before i get chance to list them, so i got out some nice fabrics and just started, no plans were drawn and no patterns or sketches used, and these are the end result, and i love them.however i did steal a few of the triangles i made for my work in progress that i chatted about earlier for some ears.i normally name my accidents, that's what i call the toys i make, but not this time, but i have given the ribbon one a funny description in the shop that made me chuckle as i was typing it..she is romantically challenged, that's all ill say ?i knew following the cushion i made a while back with all the ribbons that i would re-use this style and i think it works really well here, and i finished them both off with nice felt love hearted bottoms. i don't know how the ribbon doll ended up looking angry, but that's what happened, maybe i was sewing them on during that dramatic bit in the film where she whacks him with her flowers...i love that bit.anyway they are in the shop now and I'm sure they will be joined soon by some new stuff, i just have to decide what film to watch first ?

Friday, 17 April 2009


so this makes my heart go boom boom boom,i saw it on flickr and its from solgrim. now i can't crochet and have never had a lesson,(maybe one day ?) but i can sew and I'm wondering if i could create a similar effect with fabrics ?.. mmmmm something to think about, but for now,..holy crap this is beautiful. don't you agree.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

a busy week

so its been a week since my last blog, I'm a rubbish blogger sometimes, but its been a busy week what with Easter and just general rubbish that's far too boring to talk about, but I'm enjoying the creative process again after a long run of pure boredom with it all... and these following pics are some work in progress that will end up as cushions (i think)i spent longer on these than the financial return will be worth to cut out dozens of triangles, and if i could only decide what to do with them then I'm confident all will turn out to be rather i the only one that never really knows what the end result will be when a new project is started ?, why do you think my blog is called stevens happy accidents..and this following crazy little quilt patchwork thing is what i created from the scraps i created by cutting out the triangles, and i rather love it and will use it somehow ?watch this space to see what these all become...

Thursday, 9 April 2009

i finally finished them

so these cushions have been a work in progress for many months, i even talked about them here in this old post from last November, but now they are finished and in my shop and i bloody love them.i like using ribbons and braids and get quite giddy when i find nice new ones to play with. and this fringed ribbon cushion and the smaller chevron style one uses many different types that when all used together create a special unique colorful end result that i hope you agree is quite lovely.i do wish they were slightly bigger, but i fear if i had done this then i might never have finished you can see in my previous post i do like cushions and pillows scattered all around and i have many more ideas for them that i will eventually get made and listed in the shop.but for now my head is filled with ideas for quilts id like to try and the chevron cushion is going to be a big inspiration... don't you just love how one idea can lead to another.

Monday, 6 April 2009


so this is where i sit and watch TV, read my blogs and generally just hang out wasting time and day dreaming,..but i always make sure that this area is full of colour and comfort and texture to make the many hours wasted here are worth it. i love cushions and pillows and have many all around on every chair, i have made most of them, from fabrics i printed or t towels from target (apples and cherries).and the home sign on the wall i made too, these letters are something i want to develop further, but for now they make me smile, so that's good enough for me.and talking of cushions, i have finally finished 2 of them that have been on the go for months,and they will be listed later in my shop, here is a sneak peek for now..

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

cups and mugs

so i was inspired to do this post by a favorite blog of mine called, design is mine, and in this post she talked about cups and how she loves them, and it really got me thinking about my own mini cup addiction, and i thought it would be a funny and interestingly visual post for my little blog..all of these mean something to me in there own funny colourful little way and i use some more than others depending on my mood, the funny thing is that in my house I'm the only one that has hot drinks (my David does not do tea or coffee, i know, hes a freak) so they are all for me myself and i to enjoy, and i think its amusing that i have 19 to choose from, I'm sure houses with many people who all drink hot drinks don't have as of the cups above was my grandmothers and is very special to me, can you guess which one ?, and this collection is only likely to grow, be it ones from trashy tourist shops in las vegas, or ones from paper chase, i do know that i have made it a tradition that every Christmas my David buys me a Kath kidstone one, so watch this space. more cups are guaranteed.