Sunday, 11 July 2010

im not a child

so its my birthday soon and i just forced my sister to buy me these old educational classroom posters from here and I'm like a big bald hairy child who cant wait for them to arrive.. there are some more of them still in the shop but i think i grabbed the best ones... is it just me or are they slightly camp.. and nothing if very play full.. its the look on his face.. hes playing leap frog with a cheeky glint in his eye..and look what hes wearing in each one.. hes a very snappy dresser don't you agree ? but this one below is my absolute favorite, and i knew it was mine before i even read its description or saw the price.. and this one is destined for my wall.. i certainly don't remember my school having such interesting posters, maybe if they had i would use better grammar and bother to put capital letter's where they should be..but then again maybe not..

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