Tuesday, 29 January 2008

i actually made something

so instead of sitting on this computer going all googly eyed looking at nice handmade things and seeing how many things others have been selling ..i actually got off my fat ass and concoted this clutch purse, its been burning away in my head for some time now and im really happy with the results...so you know what i say ...go and BUY it now...in my shop...

Saturday, 26 January 2008

shop shop shopping

so i have been on a mini etsy shopping spree recently and have gathered a rather lovely little collection of prints,and originals, i prefer gocco prints as at least they have small imperfections that make them more "original"...and the snob in me would always get an "original " if i could.....so just look at these lovelies that I'm sure to be adding to,..I'm not saying which ones, but my David was not impressed by my choices...what does he know...he works in a bank...he knows numbers...not art....ill let you all guess where they are from...ill give you a clue...my etsy faves and blog links will help...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

from where i sit

so here i am slightly bored with nothing good on the TV and a thousand things running through my head, should i have a cup of tea, should i go out later, should i start making things, should i hoover the carpet,...and on and on my brain goes and truthfully nothing really ever gets done...but the truth is I'm surrounded by inspiration so really the lack of motivation is purely down to me being one big fat lazy bas@*&%...look at what i see from where I'm sat...

the dog is asleep in her basket full of colorful cushions, the sun is streaming in and all of my treasured trash is looking more alive than ever,you can see art i have made, junk i have gathered,photographs i love and many things with faces staring back at me..inspiration surely can be found in this view so whats stopping me ?

there are cushions i have made and a gigantic Eeyore that we won at a fun fair and a vintage clock that has never worked,and a long piece of art i created that forever is wonky against the wall...and you know what i love it all...its my world and ill clutter it up if i want to...but it still don't make me wanna get busy...i think i will have that cup of tea and ill start again tomorrow...

Thursday, 10 January 2008

spice girls rule

so like many other excited folks around the world i screamed a happy scream when i heard they were getting back together and i knew i had to see them live having missed out the first time around....so we went and i danced my fat ass off to the most fun show i have seen recently...

from the moment they came on stage till the moment they left it was a none stop spectacular of lights ,lasers and classic pop songs that helped the whole place dance like there was no tomorrow...or maybe that was just me....each spice girl did a solo song and every time posh spice was even on screen the whole place screamed...or again was that just me ?...either way it was a fun fantastic colourful night out...so people of the world...spice up your life..

Saturday, 5 January 2008

this is amazing

so there i was just browsing the etsy forums when i hit upon an avatar that caught my eye..so i went in and WOW..my eyes started to bleed at the amazing colours and patterns that this lady has knitted together to make this sweater..it is just intense

i could never wear it as its just got too much going on for me but i would love it as a gigantic pillow or throw for my chair...i cant stop looking at it...

i cant imagine how long it must have taken to make...go and see this shop lucinda is a knitting genius, and she calls this a work of art..and i agree..

Friday, 4 January 2008

my current etsy faves

so the best thing about this fave list of mine is that some of these items i actually bought them..see the bunny in a suit, well i just today bought one of that guys other prints, still of a bunny but a different one...and see that stuff print on the top row, well that's hopefully making its way to me as i type...i love etsy and love buying stuff...hurrah

Thursday, 3 January 2008

so whats new ?

so blah blah blah...its a new year and all that jazz, and what will this year bring my way ?...well all i do know is that it will include making and selling more things...whatever they may be ?..i want to and will open an etsy vintage store called hopefully Stevens stuff...i will be having at least 3 lovely fun holidays, the first one to Disney world in April...i cant wait, we go every year and we have such fun....Florida makes me feel thin..and i hope this year to be a better blogger and post more often and continue this path i have started down...where it will lead nobody dares to guess...i sooo love surprises...well actually that's not true as i like to know the last detail in every thing...just ask my David...now let the fun begin...xx