Thursday, 24 March 2011

more things

a few more snaps of whats been going on here, which apart from constant sewing is not much at all, but i wanted to show off my view, because every day when i wake up and wonder how the hell did i end up here (very long story i wont bore you with) all i need to do is look out of my window and i turn my frown upside down.. do ignore the ugly wires that cut across my view, but look, every morning its like my own private turner painting..
did i tell you i had a new stockist for my things ?.. maybe not, anyway i had to try and come up with some quick tags to put the price and size on.. so i got my graphic designers head on and knocked these out, i hand stamped the words and i really quite liked them, UNTIL, i realised the bloody ink was very easily smudged, so i couldn't risk the ink rubbing off on the dresses so in the bin these went.. that's an hour of my life ill never get back..
and finally just a small corner of my room that caught my cameras eye..

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

splendid stuff

just a few snaps of whats caught my eye this last few days, i got this book at he local car boot sale for 50p, and i do believe that everything should have the word splendid, in it, its just a splendid word.. and inside was this book plate that i thought was quite appropriate what with all the news about bullying and retaliation that is all over blog world at the minute.. have you seen this ?.. some agree , some disapprove. i know who i was applauding...
and secondly after making that bib for my little nephew zachary, i hunted for some fabric suitable for boys.. making only girls dresss has resulted in me having a pile of girlie styles, and this one is just perfect.
and finally i have been cutting out dozens of 20cm squares ready for more quilts, i kinda love making them as they are easy and splendidly effective.. i love that word..

Thursday, 17 March 2011

future superstar

meet my little nephew Zachary. hes 6 months old and already a future superstar, hes very naughty and does not seem to like sleep much... maybe its because hes too excited to play with his happy accidents toy that i made him, or too happy to dribble drool all over his new bib i made him... either way hes amazing and i wish i could see him and his sister the Izz monster more often...

Monday, 14 March 2011

soft as a baby

i made these new quilts this week, well, i call them quilts but they are really padded little blankets/wraps/play mats/..erm, whatever you want to call them ?.. there is not much actual quilting on them, and i possibly broke lots of quilting rules along the way, but i love them, and they are super colourful and the fleece on the backs is soooo super soft..
 it was a struggle for me to send them to carry me home, my London stockist.. all the fabrics are scraps that i had never thrown away from all the dresses i make.. i knew i would find use for these bits one day, and they are such fun to make.. like a fabric jigsaw, putting the combinations together... I'm sure ill be making more..

Sunday, 6 March 2011

i stole these pics

so i didnt take these pictures but my best friend nick did, on his very recent trip to hong kong, and these  are some of my favorites that i saw on his facebook page.. im sure he wont mind me using them.. look how the flowers are protected with their own tiny little nets, and look how stupidly high and dramtaic that massive skyscraper is.. a crazy place i hope one day to visit myself..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

i made these

so my blogging hasn't resumed full service, I'm not sure what full service means but i know I'm not doing it enough.. but i have been busy making things, i now have my dresses in 4 different shops and these have been keeping me quite busy, and here are just a few pics of what i have been doing..including the new elephant soft toys that i have started..