Friday, 30 July 2010

p for paper

so i have been out hunting and gathering over the last few weeks and have amassed a brilliant collection of book pages, and i have just listed them in stevensstuff, you all know i love ABC books.. and currently that's what my thrifting radar is focusing on and look at some of the lovelies i found.. as vain as it might be i really am looking to get my name spelt out in pages from different ABC books.. is that vain.. yeah it is isnt it ? but it will look nice... i think/hope.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

very handy

so my friend Zoe, from love from hetty and dave, who i have talked about before has made the best pin cushion i have ever seen.. its just too cool.. look, its only a bloody severed hand, what else would you use a felt severed hand for ? pins of course.. and if your quick the first 10 sold are only £10.00... get one quick...
she also is on twitter and would like some lovely new followers, i do follow some people but I'm not part of the twitter world yet, i just like to be nosey and see what some rubbish celebrities have been up to but not sure its for me really, but maybe i should ?.. follow her here..

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

i stole this pic

so yeah so i stole this pic, but its OK its from my friends face book, and she just came back from a trip to Berlin, and how cool is this... wonder if my mam and dad will let me do this to the side of their house ?..

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

repetition kills me

so i have just finished a commission i was given, to make 25 toys, i was set the brief by Scott from hairyhand creative, and i came up with the design.. i spoke about it here weeks ago,.. and now that its all done and packed up and ready to go, i can say i really enjoyed doing it but the repetition involved was quite something.
i make the same things often, dresses and toys but usually with different fabrics and details, .. so to make these all so similar was a challenge, i did add my own touches, the placement of the eyes gives each one its own character, the spikey felt hair is all different, and the placement of the "trousers" is unique on each toy, but the fabrics were the same on every one... and by the time i had sewn on the 50th eye i was going slightly mental. b
ut i hope you agree the end result is pretty impressive.. and we are already discussing the next toy we can do together.. so watch this space...

Friday, 23 July 2010

i have new eyes

so I'm sure nobody could care less but i have new spectacles and i blooming love them.. i got a cracking deal from vision express, buy one get one, so my first choice was these lovely clear rimmed beauties from RayBan..and my second free pair were these black rimmed, with a clear plastic detail at the side, from diesel, so two quite different looks for whatever mood i have.. i loved my previous stupidly expensive ones and looked far and wide for some replacements, and I'm more than happy.. i love being a speccy four eyes..
a tattoo is next on my shopping list, so watch this space... something i recently purchased has massively influenced part of my design... i cant wait to be inked, as the cool kids say..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

from my bed

so i don't know where you guys work, where you sit to create and make.. well i sit on my bed, and in front of me i place a small flat wooden surface and use that as my desk, my cutting table and my sewing space, and its upon this i place my sewing machine and the fun begins....and these are my newest accidents,that's what i call these guys, but before the end result a mess is more often than not created.and the backs of these accidents are just as good, if not a little nicer ?..
these guys are destined for carry me home

oh and i have had a play around with my blog, did you notice ? its more me, if that makes sense, i like it, what do you think ?..

Saturday, 17 July 2010

i love a nice letter

so here is a peek at what ill be listing in stevensstuff very soon, i have been busy photographing and editing these amazing pages from vintage books i have been collecting..

Thursday, 15 July 2010

thanks very much

so when i worked at carry me home, i would answer the telephone by saying, "hello carry me home".. and my friend thought it was highly amusing to reply "no thanks i couldn't pick you up".. but today I'm sending out a thanks to my old workplace because they have blogged about my dresses that i sell fact they sell so well there that sometimes it seems all i do is cut out and sew dresses.. I'm not complaining though.. you see carry me home is smack bang in the center of London and tourists from around the world have bought my things and i like knowing my dresses are well traveled.
thanks carry me home xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

im not a child

so its my birthday soon and i just forced my sister to buy me these old educational classroom posters from here and I'm like a big bald hairy child who cant wait for them to arrive.. there are some more of them still in the shop but i think i grabbed the best ones... is it just me or are they slightly camp.. and nothing if very play full.. its the look on his face.. hes playing leap frog with a cheeky glint in his eye..and look what hes wearing in each one.. hes a very snappy dresser don't you agree ? but this one below is my absolute favorite, and i knew it was mine before i even read its description or saw the price.. and this one is destined for my wall.. i certainly don't remember my school having such interesting posters, maybe if they had i would use better grammar and bother to put capital letter's where they should be..but then again maybe not..

Thursday, 8 July 2010

excuse the creases

so my 14yr old niece Lisa is far cooler than me and has one of those new fancy pants iphone thingies... and i made her put the hipstamatic app onto it so i could take cool pictures..(I'm already addicted to it) and just look how cool these are that i took of some new dresses i made for carry me home.
but please do excuse the creases, the effort to get the iron out was far too dull and boring when i had that fancy phone camera computer music playing thingy in my hand...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

very peace-ful and love-ly

so my mate Zoe is in serious danger of major finger damage if she does not stop the spectacular repetitive hand sewing she does to create these leather brooches and key fobs... these ones are destined for japan, (they love her over there)... but more of her stuff can be found here.. and her blog which is much fun, is here..

Saturday, 3 July 2010

where you will find me

so i have been here just over a week or so and my new world is looking just as i like, colourful and comfortable with the things i love in direct view, during this time i have even made a day trip back to that London to collect the final things i couldn't get in the car,7 hours drive each way... ouch ! and i want to know how is it possible to amass such rubbish, i could tell my dad was thinking "what the hell is that ?" when he saw such things as the huge garden gnome that guards my room... but its my rubbish and i love it so that's all that matters right ?

i showed you already my new view from my window, and now for some inside views.. these were taken with my little mobile phone camera, i like the quality.. kinda hazy but good... i think ?, and if you look at the picture below that shows the cushions on the bed, you can see on the wall this, i told you i wanted it, and i got it, and its even better in reality, and my favorite line is

"as you simplify your life,the laws of the universe will be simpler"

so now that my world is in decorative order, i might finally get some work done, and with my things around me, order to my life should fall into place..