Friday, 1 May 2009

so last week before i ventured home for a few days i went to view an exhibition that my friend gemma from lazy oaf put on all about drawing, it was to launch their new collection and they invited anyone and everyone to come and have a doodle. and so i did. horribly the photograph of my doodle is rubbish so ill have to share that another time but look at these ones to see the creations that occurred when you let strangers doodle all over your favorite of the night was by an artist called gemma correll, i would really like this on the wall above my bed,its just so lovely.and i also really liked how the lazy oaf team bought cheap frames and sprayed them a whole range of pastel colours, it looked excellent.the exhibition certainly put a smile on my mush and my doodle which was a spur of the moment idea really sparked off an idea i intend on exploring this space.


Diana Jiron Graff said...

awesome doodles, I love the one of the cat lady, sadly I can relate more to the lady than the cats ;)

owlbot said...

What a super fun idea! Brilliant!!! :)