Monday, 11 May 2009

more rescued goodies

so again this weekend we ventured over to the car boot sale at Wimbledon dog track, and at first i was slightly disappointed because it didn't seem as good, last time it only took me a few seconds to find something, and this time took me at least a few minutes before my pocket had less cash in it, and what i bought was the mother load of display board letters, you know, the type that are used in cafes to advertise what they sell..sausage and chips, £3.50...well this box was under a table and as soon as i saw it a grabbed it and asked how much, he said £2.00. OK thanks, handed over my money and he gave me 50p change ?.. very amused by this i was. and it would have been all the better if he had the boards to use them on, but never mind, i think what closed the deal for me was that on the top was a very random small wooden letter S, i knew it had to be mine, and with a quick soapy scrub in the sink they were as good as new, now i just have to decide what to do with them...there are hundreds, possibly thousands of them..
so on we went strolling around and it was ages until i found my next bargain,....anyone for a quick game of bingo ?...yes please , me, i saw this dirty and crumbling box and im sure i possibly said hello out loud to it, and even though it was almost falling apart, i lifted the lid to find everything was still inside, all the cards, and he little dispenser where the numbers come from, i asked the guy how much, expecting a silly price to be told to me, and he said £1.00... i snapped his hand off and walked away ready for a game,i love the graphics on the box, the cards are an ephemera lovers dream, ill get some of these in my shop soon.
and then i found some books that i will be selling pages from in my shop and some cards that you can see in the top photo, and home we went, happy and content. and with empty pockets where a few hour earlier some money had been happily sitting.