Tuesday, 12 May 2009

guess what i made

so yeah i made more cushions, and i gave you a sneak peak last week at the fabric i had printed, well here are the end results, i soaked the fabric, splashed on some fabric paint, dusted on some powder dye, blotted it off, splashed some more, and on and on, then i washed the fabric 2 times and the end effect is quite special i think, i love how its totally un repeatable, and a guaranteed one off design, and the contrast with the love heart fabric makes an interesting visual impact...well i think it does..i now want to try and do this on a more absorbent fabric to see what patterns and effects i can achieve, but if you follow my blog you know this might take some time to materialize.. the big pillow with the full front cover is my favorite and id like to keep it, but its for sale in my shop now... and on the other two cushions i threw in some patchwork and some pleating, just for added interest.. wonder what ill make next.. wonder if it will be square and cushion shaped ?...watch this space...


Sarah said...

Hi Steven,
Lovely cushions! Must have been fun to create them too.
I got my parcel today thanks! Love the pictures and thanks for the tailored to me extras!
Sarah x

Sarah said...

The shelves did arrive ok thanks! 6.30am on the dot. I love them! I am waiting for my friend to collect a dresser she bought from me and then a huge rearrangement of the flat will commence-well-fitting the shelves into where I think they should go!