Monday, 4 May 2009

the best find ever

so on Saturday me and David ventured to parts of London we have never been to before on the promise of a good car boot sale... and holy crapola it was insane.. it was in Wimbledon, where the tennis is played, and as we approached the gates we were walking past people coming out arms full with goodies, so we paid or 50p entrance and crossed over into junk heaven, and I'm not joking when i say that within the first 30 seconds i had spotted something i wanted, and another 30 seconds later, after paying with all the loose change in my pocket, 77p, i walked away with a battered and bruised and totally falling apart board game, i just wanted it for the front image as its really nice, i know nobody else would have even looked at it but it spoke to me.and amazingly for something that is obviously old,and has definitely not been much loved or cherished, all the contents of the game were there.. I'm sure the man who sold it to me laughed and called me an idiot under his breath, but i don't care...i love it.
and on i went, me and David don't even walk around together because whilst i like crap, he likes nice things, preferably without a scratch, i think the more scratches it has the better.. or is that just me ? and the next thing that caught my eye was this lovely old jigsaw, again its the packaging that had me at hello, not sure ill ever make the actual thing but i know the box will look quite lovely in my bathroom..and the guy who sold me this had many more just like this, but the illustrations just didn't scream to me the same as this one,... so on i went and then i honestly think i found the mother load of treasures that ill give you a sneak peek of now, because believe me it deserves a post all of its own, lets just say its from the 1800's, was practically falling apart, and has made me smile every time i looked through it since, i just now need to work out how i can use it to its maximum impact, both in a financial way because i do intend on selling parts of it on, and in a creative way that i just have to try, because it deserves it... here is a little double page teaser.. and this is not even the best of it, it is bursting with the most incredible intricate illustrations and text, pages upon pages of them, and guess how much it cost... well i got it, and a bunch of other books and things for the massive sum of 50p.. bargain of the century.. I'm so going back next Saturday, weather permitting, to see what else i can get... i love other peoples rubbish..if you know what i mean...ill post pictures this week of some of the other things i got.


Stacey said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun, great finds!!

Camilla said...

I have that 'Home you go!' game too.