Thursday, 30 April 2009

hey horsie

so i have been away for a few days and surprised my mum by going home for the first time in over a year, and whilst i was there i had fun making a mess with my niece, went to some cool car boots, more about this later, and just had a giggle, going home always excites me because my family live near the seaside, not far from the lake district in cumbria, and its very beautiful, although i lived there for 18 years i never appreciated it, but now i look and just go WOW,..however these pictures made me smile more this time, and when this guy popped his head over my sisters garden fence i just had to snap away..i was lucky my camera was not eaten for breakfast as he was ever so interested and I'm convinced he was posing for me and giving me his best looks.or was he looking at me thinking..fat idiot ?


Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful photographs!

Sarah said...

I love these photos! He was definitely posing!