Thursday, 7 May 2009

rescued from destruction

so a few weeks ago when i went home to see my family i went to a local car boot sale and i found a brilliant old harmsworth household encyclopedia, volume 1, that was dusty, battered and bruised and certain to be destroyed had i not rescued it, and it is...or should i say was, full of really special full colour plate images and many technical style illustrations and instructional photographs that are something quite special. and whilst i do know its probably wrong to rip these pages out, that's what i did, and I'm now in the process of slowly listing them in my vintage etsy shop, because i feel they are too nice to be squashed between 2 hard covers and hidden away. and i know by giving them a new opportunity of being used and appreciated is better. the above collage shows some of the pages that i liberated, but these ones here below are some of my favourites that i think i want to keep. they are just funny, and if i ever break my arm, ill know what to do.. and i just like the imagery on this next one, the man looks so Victorian, and so stuffy and proper, and the 3 of these pages together i think will make a great addition to my ever growing collection of things that one day will be put up on a wall....somewhere ? so keep an eye out in my shop because i have many many many pages yet to be listed, just today i listed one and it sold almost straight away... and i havent even shown you some of the best ones yet..


Sarah said...

Hi Steven,
Your marketing pitch worked ans I have just bought two of your pages! One for me-the birds and one for my Dad-the bikes.
I know what you mean about ripping pages out-I just can't bring myself to do it. But now you have I can get the benefit!
That boot fair in Wimbledon sounds amazing too!
Sarah :)

Sarah said...

Thanks! Wimbledon?

Helen McCookerybook said...

I'm sure I know that man with the moustache and brilliantined hair- I met him last summer at a festival in Kent!