Thursday, 14 June 2007

stuff and bother

so today has been a bit wasted..... i put it down to artistic temperament...or also known in my world as sitting on the sofa drinking tea, eating biscuits and watching trashy TV instead of creating and making..however i did do lots of pointless photography to make myself feel like i achieved something good ? and here i will show it for you...because from these photographs might come some future projects...but that depends on whats on the box...

so this first picture is of a cushion i made myself from some fabric that i have had for years. i always loved it but have never got around to using it, so last week i put a contrasting fluorescent stripe along one edge and knocked together this...I'm a big fan of yellow fluorescent, and i know its something I'm definitely going to introduce into my work.i love the contrast.

this fabric feels really cheap but with such a brilliant print i know i will be doing something for my etsy shop with it soon,but what ? suggestions please, i don't have much, but enough for a few things.

now this next fabric i have had my beady eye on for a while now...i think its the yellow that attracted me and the funfair scene all over it, ironically this is from a brilliant craft shop called All The Fun Of The Fair, that luckily for me i work next door to, (see my links for this shop)
but again I'm stuck for what i could do with it, always my first thought is a cushion for my house, my David hates cushions and says he would get rid of all of them if he had his way...luckily for me he tolerates my taste for too much of everything.

and this next little fabric stash is just the kinda thing i like, spotty and colourful and tactile, I'm seeing happy accidents galore with this. yellow makes me smile.spots make me giddy.....

and finally this is me being just too clever for my own i have been looking at this plant for weeks now thinking "i need a nice pot for it to sit in" and i have been looking at the car boot but nothing has grabbed me and shouted "buy me"

and suddenly out of my stupid head sprang such a simple idea, just wrap it in some oil cloth....and 5 Min's later i had myself the perfect "new" plant pot holder...I'm too clever for my own good...what can i wrap next ? and don't think my head is not now buzzing with oil cloth ideas...

maybe now i should get on and make some things and if im lucky i might get that first elusive etsy sale. i have only had the etsy shop for a few weeks but im impatient.


Ali J said...

I'm just as impatient as you are, but keep on hanging in there as your first sale will happen!

I like your circus fabric! I think it would look great on a doll... or a plush animal of some sort... you could do an elephant. :) I have exactly the same spotty fabric as you. I really enjoyed this post!

Swirlyarts said...

Cute plant pot - such a simple idea but so effective!

Here's hoping for your first Etsy sale - I have my eye on a couple of things but I have to be nice to hubby first!