Monday, 25 June 2007

practice makes perfect

so the last few days have been unproductive in actually producing finished things, but very productive in giving me ideas that i want to run with, and as ribbons and trims feature heavily in my work, and because i have bags full just waiting to be used, i tried this idea for a clutch/purse/bag/thingy detail. i want to, or should that be I'm going to use the trims as the decorative element, possibly on the flap,(not sure what the technical name for this part of a bag is ?) but flap sounds good, flap flap flap.

and another detail idea i have had swimming around for a while,uses the scrap leather pieces i have, and using them in what i can only call, a "crazy paving" way.and again this could/will be on the flap.

after i made this little sample i got carried away and covered a bigger area with these scraps, and i think i love what it looks like and its gone to the top of my must do list for every product,and i like how it will mean that every item i apply it to will be different and unique.

so maybe now instead of thinking things through i should just get on and do it.

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