Tuesday, 19 June 2007

look what i have to play with

so around my house i have bags filled with fabrics, ribbons, leather, unfinished projects and just general rubbish that i just don't want to let go of. but look what i have to play with this week....they look so nice stacked together like this that I'm not sure i want to disturb them, but i have a lovely idea involving cushions and bags that is itching away inside my head.

and now just look what i got from my local car boot sale last week..all of these were attached to a big blanket, that the lady who sold them to me said she had done for her boys from all the places they had been to....i feel slightly bad because im sure much love and time went into her attaching these...only for me to rip them off. and the best part is the fact that all of these cost only £1.00... and she gave me some loose ones that she had not yet put on the blanket for free...i knew it was a bargain so i grabbed it and ran....but what to do with them...there are enough for a good few projects...again im thinking bag details ? i even think some of them are quite rare, especially the disney ones...maybe a trip to ebay is needed...?

and next i just wanted to document what rubbish thrift i seem to buy, occasionally i can spot a bargain like the patches, but usually im attracted to the things others would run away from. it helps if it has a sad looking face, and then its mine before i even ask how much it is...so these 3 rubbish things are my new treasures that will help to clutter up my world and frustrate my david who just rolls his eyes to the sky and walks away from me uttering abuse under his breath when i show him what i got, these treasure cost me all together 70p. so a bargain in my eyes...but rubbish in my davids.


Swirlyarts said...

Oh - good score with the blanket with the badges! I used to be in the Guides and we had a blanket with a hole in it (to stick your head through) that we used to sew badges onto - it was called a camp blanket. My mum seems to have lost mine though - hmph!

HowToMe said...

Nice arrangements! Looks like fun waiting to happen.

Vic said...

Love all the badges - good find! I hate it when charity shops go up market - i'm sure they throw away all the things i's like :-(