Friday, 29 June 2007

liberty joy

so yesterday there i was rambling along London's fine streets when as usual i happened to wander past my favorite shop in the whole of London...liberty, and what stopped me more than anything was the words covering all the windows.....SALE, so i screamed a little scream and off i went...and what fun i did have as you will See from the following pictures......
this first one is just the little dull entrance to liberty, when i say dull, i mean possibly one of the grandest buildings in is rather special, and even though i walk past it often and have been inside billions of times, it still makes me stop and look.

so once inside i jumped in the rather fancy elevator, with a posh lady who i think was scared of me ? and shot up to the 4Th floor, which is furniture, were not talking boring old tables and chairs, were talking one of a kind customised wonders, all presented in really cool ways. but first look at the size of this chandelier, it was just massive, and it hung from the ceiling(obviously) down through the atrium to the ground floor.

i want this chair and all that goes with makes my heart go boom boom boom.i never pay much attention to who did it ? i just like it,no,i love it.

and just look at this pile of heaven on a bloody fantastic sofa...if it was not for the two shop assistants standing near it, i would have taken a run up and dived onto it, talk about visual overload.

and now look at this set up, how excellent, its the wallpaper i love, lots of little houses, and I'm loving the stripes on the cushions.

and this chair and cushion would just fit perfectly in my imaginary house, and the side table next to the incredibly dramatic wallpaper would just be lovely.

anyway so off downstairs i went to the floor where my wallet starts screaming and my pocket starts burning, the fabric and trims and things floor, which strangely is next to the carpet and rug section of the shop ?
anyway i just walked around and around and around again just being bombarded with prints and patterns,trims and buttons, and I'm sure they were talking to me, "buy me" "no buy me", and as the sales were on there were tables lined up along one side piled high with boxes of remnants of liberty prints, i saw one sales assistant who's job was to re fold them into pretty piles, i think he looked rather pissed of, wonder why ?

i was sneaky at taking my pictures, making sure that none of the snotty staff told me off, there were too many staff in the shop, it makes you feel like they are stalking you and will pounce if you dare to touch anything.
now just look at these buttons...

and more fabric just calling out to me, " look at me I'm pretty"

so you must be asking, what did he buy ? well actually i was a good boy and only spent about £5.00, and i was happy with what i got, i sometimes just have to say to myself, "you don't need it". but usually i say to myself "you cant afford it". and i mentally did spend a gazillion pounds and i furnished my imaginary house from top to bottom, so i left the shop a happy boy, and look, even the bags are kinda nice, the ones you normally get are purple with rope handles and rather fancy and make me feel kinda posh just to hold one,but this one was ok.

but just look how they wrapped my goodies, even the ribbon and bright orange lace was put into a little bag and the fabric i got was wrapped in liberty tissue and stickered. i was lucky to escape with my life as when i asked a small lady with spectacles perched on her nose where i got things cut, i think i made her lose count, and as she was holding an old fashioned wooden ruler i thought she was gonna beat me up. oops.

and so inside the tissue is this lovely piece of brilliance, don't know who its by ? and i don't care really, but i just wanted it in my life,i only got a 30cm strip, but its enough for me to play with. the only problem now though is what to do with it, will it go to the top of my "to do" list, or the bottom, or will i just look at it and smile ? i definitely think a posh little monster will be made ?

so thank you liberty for being so over the top and brilliant, and old and grand, and posh....ooh it is posh in there. and I'm so not.


lyn said...

Oh what fun - I would LOVE to go shopping with you.
I definitely think you should have dived right into that sofa, if I'd been there I would have egged you on.
: )

Tamar said...

WOW Steven, I am soooooo jealous!!! I wish I could be there too, I love that patchwork sofa. Thank you for sharing this!

Glassprimitif said...

I really enjoyed going on that shopping trip with you. Let me know when you have been round Covent Garden and I'll check it out!

beachbungalow8 said...

i'm totally envious! how fun! i felt like i was there with you. great post!

Swirlyarts said...

Ooooh - love the fabric!! I'm hoping the sale will still be on when I come down to London in a few weeks!!

shannon said...

Im so jealous. Its breaking my heart.

annechovie said...

First off, I am very happy to have discovered your cool blog! Secondly, I loved this post on Liberty, because this place is incredible! I have to say that Liberty can even beat out sme of the shopping in Paris and happens to be one of my favorite places in London because it's so unique! Thanks for jogging some great memories!

Lova said...

Hi Steven, just discovered your blog, I love that fabric, it's by Kaffe Fassett. Have a great week-end.