Monday, 4 June 2007

beyonce rocks our world

so saturday night was spent about 4 meters away from miss beyonce knowles, me and my david were not massive fans of her music, but we sure are now, as she was quite electric from the moment she rose through the smoke till the moment she went off, it was a none stop visual extravaganza of sparkly fantastic frocks and gigantic spectacular dancing and vocally outstanding singing...and we know she saw us and we know she was performing to us and we know she liked us as she kept smiling and grinning at us dancing like idiots. me and david stand out in a crowd, im quite massive with a shiny bald head and he is a smaller version of me,i always block the view of the people behind me.

having seen many amazing shows and concerts,this easily was the best for how it made me feel, i just could not stop smiling all the way through it and david has now lost his voice because of all the screaming and singing he did.

being so close meant we could see every facial expression and every bead on her costumes and every dance step she did, even though i did not really know many of her songs i still pretended to sing the words as she could see us, so it would have been rude to look like we were not real fans.

and a big thank you to my little camera, it normally takes rubbish pictures at concerts and shows but this time he just snapped happy pictures and filmed lovely footage, so thanks camera.

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