Thursday, 7 June 2007

a london wander

so today's little post is about my little wander around by tate modern and borough market i had today and the things that just caught my eye for no other reason than they looked interesting, funny and photogenic,
this picture below was taken from a balcony in tate modern, its a place full of amazing world famous art,but lots of it is just utter tosh in my humble opinion, and i just don't get it. not that I'm much bothered, i know what i like and i like what i know.the shop is brilliant though, and i had my sensible head on today, the one that was saying "you don't need it ".
but i just loved this picture, the colours and the few folks braving the chill just screamed at me take my i did.
this next lady was spotted on some gates near the market, stood all around were men in suits talking into their fancy phones and i felt like an idiot stopping to take this picture but i just really like the skill of stencil art, its a massive thing around London and you see lots, but i just liked this one, I'm loving the grain of the wood as a background...mmmmm I'm seeing an idea popping into my head ?
this next pic just made me smile, ice Cream vans have such strange paintings all over them, but i think its the slogan i liked the best, i doubt if Walt Disney would approve though ?
and this next picture i wish was my garden, instead of a display outside a shop in borough market,why does my garden not look lke this ?
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