Friday, 1 June 2007

birds birds and more birds

so like i earlier said its been a bird week for me, printing and painting and sketching, sewing cutting and looking, and in these next few pictures you will spot a few things that will soon be in my etsy shop, i just cant yet decide what to do to finish them ? do i crop them,frame them or just leave them?. either way i have discovered that a good way for me to work is just to do it, stop thinking about it too much and just let go, and the end result will usually always be a lovely happy accident.

and in amongst these pictures is a few little guys that i just might find it too hard to let go free, you see im a sucker for a cute face and more often than not i tend to keep the things i make, when really i should be selling them, after all i really dont need another cushion on my sofa, or a picture on my wall, but if i hold up my happy accident and like it that much,then truthfully it goes straight to my heart and i cant let it go,even if it means that the cushion i love is used as a meal tray a week later then at least my tray is rather nice.
so heres one little bird that has gone to my heart and is coming home with me, he might never get framed and displayed but i know if in 20 years time i pull him from a box,then a smile will fill my face.


Tine said...

Hi from Canada!
WOW! These are amazing!!! Make sure you get some excellent scans from these for you rportfolio before giving them away. My god, such an explosion of funkiness!! Very stylish! i love it!!! i admire you for being able to just 'let go' and, i must try that again, i have become too skittish again. What paint do you use? What's your technique?

Tine said...

P.S.: just leave them as are, don't cut!!! Don't cut!!! they are brillinat this way!!