Monday, 4 June 2007

my friend becky makes lovely things

so this little post is to give you all a look at what brilliant creative friends i have, this time i want to show just 1 picture of my friend becky who is head honcho at lost and found design (see my links) and she is just brilliant at turning the once old and used into new and usable, this photograph was taken in her studio where she turns vintage flags into unique cushions and old bus destination signs into amazing window blinds.i covet all of it and one day i will have a destination blind in my window and a chair bulging with patriotic cushions. and becky is becoming a bit of a media whore, not a week passes where her work is not in fancy magazines or she is not in exhibitions showing her wares.i urge you all to visit her website for better pics and images than i could ever take.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks for pointing me this way! What she is doing is very cool...

John W Golden