Sunday, 30 August 2009

i want to see this

so i really want to see this film... my David would rather boil his own head than watch this, so i doubt he will be accompanying me to this feast of fashion, its been ages since i even bought vogue magazine, and how my family never knew i was a homo ill never know ? because as they were pushing the trolley around the supermarket i could usually be found in the magazine aisle perusing the latest glossies...I'm more of a vogue living kinda guy now though and i want my pretty fabrics to be on the furnishings around me rather than on me, but i still know this film is right up my street.

(edit...a anonymous commenter pointed out the fact that i didn't originally start this post with so, like i always do..but i now fixed that, thanks anonymous ? )

(edit 2, to anonymous...if you dont like it, you know what you can do... dont read big chicken, not showing your face..)

(edit 3, to anonymous, its not as if i will be losing anyone with anything worth saying .. i would never leave a comment on another persons blog criticising their writing style.. how rude is that..)


Sarah said...

Thanks Steven!

Anonymous said...

at last - a post which doesn't begin with "so" - hurrah x

Anonymous said...

aw.. you put the so in! Enough already with all the sos!

Anonymous said...

gosh, "so" you actually want to lose readers by insulting them? fine by me..

Anonymous said...

Hey - I wasn't being rude, if I was going to be rude I would criticize your DREADFUL spelling, grammar and punctuation wouldn't I? Don't worry about responding again as I won't be checking - I dislike vitriol (buy a dictionary and look it up).