Friday, 21 August 2009

two things that stopped me

so this week in sunny London i saw a few things that made me stop and stare, i have had my mum and dad down for a few days and anytime visitors arrive i seem to end up in places that would not normally be on my path, and this is what greeted me when i ended up down on the south bank, by the royal festival hall, and don't you agree, all trees should be wrapped like turns out they are to do with an exhibition that is in the nearby Hayward gallery called walking in my mind, they are so cool i had to stop and stare, and take pictures of course..

and the next sight that greeted me as we wandered about was just outside the O2 arena, way down the Thames, i took my mum and dad to see the enormous dome where incredible concerts and shows are now held, and its the place where Michael Jackson was due to perform his 50 date comeback show, and just outside is the most intense wall of tributes, all handmade and heartfelt, be it poems or simple words, the sight was hard not to be moved by.. and not only that, it just looked really good.

what have you seen this week that made you stop and stare ?

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jojoebi said...

those trees are amazing, makes me want to go down to the park and cover ours! What made me stare? Well, I saw a bakery called Mr Panky's which made me chuckle.