Monday, 1 June 2009

more carpets

so remember this post from a few months ago when i talked about the carpets in Las Vegas, well this is part 2, after my recent adventure to Vegas a few weeks ago i took many more pictures in the places i never got to the first time...and they didn't disappoint.. look how amazing they are..i don't remember where these were from I'm afraid but i know i could have rolled around on them for a while, and i might have had they not been in the middle of gigantic hotel casinos...according to some guide books i read, the carpets are designed with such intense patterns to help hide the grime and daily wear and tear that they endure, spillages and stains all get lost amongst the swirls and of the best hotels we went to was the Wynn, it was just so lovely and had easily my favorite carpet... that i think of all the ones i saw could most easily be used in normal everyday homes...especially my home ?maybe it was a good thing that the outside temperature was stupidly far too hot for comfort, because inside in the air conditioning is where i enjoyed the visual treats on offer the most,even if it was on the floor... wonder what ill see next time i go... ?


Anonymous said...

Wow that's great! I always see those things and it never occurs to me to take a picture of them. I think they're gorgeous, but I can't really imagine having that in my house. I would probably never have to vacuum!

snowflakedesign said...

Who knew carpets could be so interesting?

Love From Hetty & Dave said...

I want a house with every room having one of these carpets. So brill!