Tuesday, 2 June 2009

i have some new stuff

so i have got a few nice new things in my house this week, firstly i found this vase at the car boot, in a box full of grubby nasty things, i spotted the colors and the mosaic style and i knew with a bit of a wash it would scrub up nice...and it really did, and it fits beautifully in my house, the blues and soft yellows really merge together well. and i love the craft involved and how someone probably took time to cover an old bottle with the little tiles, and how they would have held it up at the end and smiled a happy smile... or maybe not ?..ill never know, but now i will love it.and the second thing i got was this amazing cushion, i certainly don't need any more cushions in my house but as soon as i saw the cross stitch alphabet on this..it was mine, and the best thing is i got it direct from a wholesaler so it was so very cheap, its a really nice linen and a good squashy size, and its mine forever and ever.. what have you bought recently ?..


Sarah said...

Nice vase!The cushion is great too. I am a terrible shopaholic I think-especially with the internet and availability of 24 hour shopping opportunities. Here is a small selection of recent purchases-three porcelain faces of Jesus, a small Susan Boyle doll, a CD rack that me and my friend thought was a display stand(she bought the other one!)-that's how I will use it anyway, and a rusty K from ebay. Help!

Kitschen Pink said...

I am in love with your vase! Not sure how I got here but now I'm here I'm going to have a good look about - it seems like a really nice place to be! t.x