Monday, 16 March 2009

dont look up

so last week i told tales of my Californian adventures and i hinted at the amazing carpets that i saw in all the hotels in las Vegas, well i took pictures wherever i saw a carpet that made me walk with my head bowed, i wonder what i missed by staring at the floor for so long ?. these carpets just went on and on and covered immense areas in the casinos and hallways, and one crazy pattern would merge into another without apology and i loved them all. i took so many pictures that i do not really remember what hotel had which carpet, but i know this one below, is my absolute favorite and i do remember it was everywhere in ceasers palace hotel and casino.i wonder if they would have missed a bit if i had got out a sharp knife and helped myself to a bedroom sized piece ?here is some more that made me drool and if i remember correctly this one is from the bellagio hotel and casino. which between me and you i felt was the most pretentious and made me feel the most uncomfortable of all the places we visited, but the carpets ruled..i don't know where i took this next photograph as i was too concerned with feeding the black jack machines with dollar bills, but all of this visual delights made me kinda fall in love with Vegas and i cant wait to go back, and i am in may, this time for longer so i hope to see more crazy sights, but maybe next time ill look up more and not just stare at the one more just to finish this carpet love story....till next time.


Everything Stops for Tea said...

those carpets are AMAZING!!! I love the bright colours!

Christine said...

What cool carpets!

I honestly have never heard anybody mention the carpets when they are talking about Las Vegas, but they definitely look like they are worth mentioning! Thanks for sharing them!

♥ xtine

Kristen said...

oh my! just gorgeous and I bet they hide a multitude of stains LOL!

Sarah said...

I love those carpets! I would probably fall over from distraction walking on those.