Friday, 26 June 2009

its just too sad

so i wont say much, because love him or hate him, he was a special unique never to be repeated phenomenon, and in my own little blog tribute i show you a video of a concert that i was at, somewhere in this crowd was Little 16 yr old me, i remember it clearly, traveling for hours on a bus to the big city of London, i remember being squashed in the crowd waiting for hours until he just appeared from what seemed like mid air.. it was magical..and I'm privileged to have been witness to him and I'm just so very sad that it ended this way for him. its just too sad.. i hope where ever he is hes dancing and singing and laughing.


Vic said...

I've been feeling so sad all day - Off the wall was the first album i ever bought with my own money. He soundtracked my youth (and a lot of my adulthood) We sat up way too late watching the news, my boyfriend was sat in his original Thriller Jacket in tribute :-)

Did you have tickets for any of the O2 shows? We were planning on trying to go to one of them, even if we had to tout it.

So, so sad. Amazing that you saw him play too - i'd forgotton how awesome that song was! Nice choice!

Sarah said...

It is very sad. It is hard to believe isn't it? I was so shocked when I heard this morning. It's great that you saw him.
I was also really sad about Farrah Fawcett as I loved her when I was growing up.
Lovely tribute.
Sarah x