Wednesday, 24 June 2009

a massive tiny adventure

so I'm back from new york, where we had a mad dash around fun city for literally 36 hours. from the moment we landed till the minute we departed it was none stop... the sole intention of the trip was to see the play Blithe spirit, and we wanted to see it just because Angela lansbury is in it, and she is a legend, and she has been part of my life because of murder she wrote, that i have watched forever.but along the way we of course just soaked in life in the one city in the world i really would like to live... its been close to happening twice , so 3rd time lucky one day maybe... i already live in a massive busy hectic place, but all this just drives me mental in London, but the speed and enormity of new york just excited me rather than annoyed me, maybe its the thrill of the we went up the empire state building, like all good tourists,and i took far too many pictures of the sprawling city below us.we wandered into central park, got dazzled by times square, shopped just a little, and got very disappointed in urban outfitters, something i was so looking forward too, basically the rugs i liked were cheap and a bit nasty, and the shop itself was just a messy big dump of unorganised tat... it was sale time so ill give them the benefit of the doubt.we ate lots of yummy food, and found by accident the best trimmings shop i have ever seen, more about that in another post. and basically we just had a lovely fun time, and yeah the play was excellent and miss lansbury was brilliant, and we met her at the stage door as she signed some autographs, after all that was the reason for this massive tiny adventure.and it was an adventure i would happily repeat time and time again.. ill do a few posts about what i bought and about the trimmings shop soon...


Sarah said...

How exciting! I am jealous! I love 'Murder She Wrote'-it's one of those comforting programmes that is on whenever I am off work and feeling sorry for myself. Also New York is just great. I have only been there once and only for three days but I loved it! I will go back sometime.
Haven't you been disappointed in Urban Outfitters once before or am I making that up?
Looking forward to the trimmings shop.

Katy said...

ohhhh, Angela Lansbury - she is fab, I LOVE her. Doesn't she look great too? How old would she be now? Ok, she's ageless, I know that, but she must be pretty old in human years.

Urban Outfitters is a little disappointing sometimes, I think, it's a place of chance and luck - go on a good day and you have too much to choose from, on a bad day it's like Primark (ok, maybe not that bad, but you get my drift).

Did you go to purl in soho? I love that place. I love New York, and one day I hope we can live there too (although I'd settle for London any day - living in the countryside with the flippin' shaggy haired ginger cows and mental chickens is sending me crazy)

Jen Dale said...

Its to bad about Urban Outfitters being a dissapointment. The ones here in Denver are nice, a bit pricy but nice.

kitsch café said...

Ubran Outfitters is hit or miss.

I don't shop there because their CEO/Founder donates money to conservative, anti-gay, American politicians. I know that seems odd given the type of products that UO sells. Unfortunately, it's true.