Wednesday, 3 June 2009

he says NO

so its my birthday soon-ish, and i know what i want...but my David says NO.. the thing is i want a duvet cover from Argos, its quite cheap and i just love the zig zag pattern and colors.. and i know it will possibly give me a bad head instead of making me sleepy, but i like it and that's a good enough reason.. i don't need another duvet cover...but i want it...david says a duvet cover is not a birthday gift ?... i secretly think he will buy me it, but if he doesn't... DIVORCE.
another thing i want is something everyone in blog land seems to own, and this makes me feel like a sheep for following the flock, but again, i like it..i want the yellow version and i know it will fit snugly into my home.. i know i can get versions of it from many places, and probably from my own country, but out of loyalty to the place i saw it first and one of my favorite blogs, i want it from sfgirlbybay
and again if he doesnt buy me this, which i actually doubt he will, then ill just bloody buy it myself. i love birthdays, i normally insist on a day trip to ikea, im easily pleased like that.

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Cozy said...

My husband never thought that things for out house were good for birthdays either. Don't understand why if it is what you really want.