Thursday, 23 April 2009

st for steven

so t for today the postman delivered to me a p for parcel full of goodness, one that i have been excited to see since i b for bought it a few weeks ago... its a vintage consonant poster card,look at it its more lovely than a box full of lovely things.
i got it from a fab e for etsy shop called maymouse,and it wasn't to difficult for me to fall in love with this as i collect things with the letter S, and this has the first 2 initials of my n for name so it was a no brainer, and the s for star was just to good to be true. and the shop still has some lovely ones available, i wish i had bought the queen one and the r for ring one, but i didn't so never mind, and included in the package was a set of v for vintage playing cards that spelt out my name, that was a nice touch that made me s for r for run along now and b for buy yourself one of the remaining cards, oh and they are not small, just a bit less than A3...if you k for know what i mean.

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