Saturday, 18 April 2009

thanks to sex and the city

so Thursday afternoon was happily spent watching sex and the city on DVD and making some stuff, some soft toys to be precise, and i wanted to make some specifically for the shop as all the other little ones i make seem to get sold in carry me home long before i get chance to list them, so i got out some nice fabrics and just started, no plans were drawn and no patterns or sketches used, and these are the end result, and i love them.however i did steal a few of the triangles i made for my work in progress that i chatted about earlier for some ears.i normally name my accidents, that's what i call the toys i make, but not this time, but i have given the ribbon one a funny description in the shop that made me chuckle as i was typing it..she is romantically challenged, that's all ill say ?i knew following the cushion i made a while back with all the ribbons that i would re-use this style and i think it works really well here, and i finished them both off with nice felt love hearted bottoms. i don't know how the ribbon doll ended up looking angry, but that's what happened, maybe i was sewing them on during that dramatic bit in the film where she whacks him with her flowers...i love that bit.anyway they are in the shop now and I'm sure they will be joined soon by some new stuff, i just have to decide what film to watch first ?

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