Friday, 24 April 2009

i made more stuff

so it seems i really have got my motivation back and it seems i cant stop making stuff, and whilst this is brilliant, i kinda don't want to part with these because i honestly love them more than cake. they took far longer to make than they should have but the end result is so worth it.the mix of colours and fabrics and patterns all mesh together in a really complimentary way, and there are features on these that i know i will use again and again knowing that every time a different end result will be achieved.and i really would like to make much bigger versions, the biggest pillow here is only 11 inches square, and the amount of work in that took ages so a bigger version would need to retail for a much higher price, but i think it will look sadly for me, these are now in my shop for sale, is it wrong that i don't care if they don't sell.. it just means i can gaze lovingly at them for a little longer, and knowing my success with etsy ill have quite some time to admire them I'm sure.


Jenny Fowler said...

You made lovely stuff and very fun too! I see why you don't want to part. :)

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Great and wonderful stuff, you clever boy, you!~~~XXOO, Beth

Parallax said...

These are great! I really love patchwork, and you've given it a modern feel. The prairie points one, in particular, looks like painstaking, but creative work.