Tuesday, 31 March 2009

this is amazing

so i have doing a little etsy research into quilts to get an idea of what i can charge for the ones i recently made, and i have been blown away by the incredible ones i have seen and I'm also amazed at just how cheap some of them are considering the amount of work that it looks like goes into the intricate designs and patterns. i was thinking i could price mine for at least 50-60 dollars, but now I'm not so sure, any pricing advice would be appreciated, I'm also getting many more ideas about other styles of quilts i want to try, can i call mine a quilt if it has none of that decorative stitching running all across it ?...this one below is my absolute favorite that i saw and it is $150, and that to me still seems cheap as it looks like it was many hours of work, i love the crayons and i would love it in my life, its from doodle bug quilts and is brilliant.i hope you agree that this quilt is just fantastic.., here is another stunning one from doodle bug quilts..I'm so jealous, i would never have the patience to do such work, i like my results immediately...
maybe before i even worry about pricing mine i should get the pictures from my camera and load them into etsy... arghhh I'm so rubbish...

Monday, 30 March 2009

i took them too big

so i just tried to list these little accidents that i made onto etsy, only to find that i stupidly took the pictures far too big and they were rejected...arghhhhhhhhh, what a waste of time, want to know a secret ?, i actually made these many weeks ago and took the pictures ages ago too, and I'm only now getting around to listing them, and talking about them on here. i made some to sell in carry me home and i saved 3 for etsy.. the carry me home ones sold quite quickly and i hope these do the same on etsy...but knowing my success with etsy..i doubt it... its a good job i love the place so much...and when i was taking the pictures, my little helper/pain in the backside, cheese got involved and insisted on being in a picture too...luckily when i took the pictures of the quilts i remembered to adjust the picture size, so at least i can list them later..

Friday, 27 March 2009

i actually made something

so i finally finished one of those ideas that has been in my head for a while, just swimming around waiting for it to actually materialize into a real life fully completed 3d object,.. i have mentioned before how i help out in my friends shop carry me home and how i make stuff top sell there,and that's what these are for, and they are 80x80cm square lap quilts, baby blankets, play mats ?...call them what you will.

they are totally unique and super soft, in the past i have used really thick wadding, but i have found this difficult to sew so i have chosen a softer thinner style that is much better, and allows the quilts to be folded easier and compacted to save space when not in use, the mix of fabrics creates a one of a kind patchwork style design.
i will also be listing these in my etsy shop very soon. why have them for sale in one place when you can have a few... I'm loving these and really want to make a huge one for me, but i bet that will swim around my head for a while yet, like most things do.

Monday, 23 March 2009

nice new things

so today a picture landed in my hands that i have been looking forward to receiving for ages,if my silly postman had done his job properly i would have talked about this weeks ago.but alas its here now and i love love love it, i got it from the fab vintage etsy shop grandmothers attic . i love the colours and the graphics and fonts used on the banner, and i cant wait to frame it and love it forever..i also got a massive bargain from urban outfitters last week, this cardboard stags head was reduced from £30.00 to a lovely £4.99... bargain-tastic, and i want to shout from the rooftops about what good quality it is and how well designed and easy to put together it was...i was half expecting it to be flimsy and a bit rubbish, but i was so wrong.. its fantastic and i know it will be part of my world for a long time, and no animal was hurt in its making..

look what i saw

so i knew it was happening and i knew where, but it still made me scream a little scream when i saw this yesterday on regent street, here in big posh london town.....i love the whole wrapped effect, as if something super special will be unwrapped soon...and we know it will...ill be following the progress of this very closely...like a crazed stalker of nice new shops....

Thursday, 19 March 2009

i hit the target

so like all good sheep, when i was in America a few weeks ago i of course ran to target and grabbed myself some orla goodies, i was gutted to find the target i went to had a very limited range of products and not much left.however i still managed to get myself some nice things, and was kinda thankful that there was not more for me to spend my money on.i love target and look forward to going on holiday to America just to see what they have. i cant really compare it to any shop in the UK, other than possibly asda, but target is a million times better.and i cant wait to go back in a few weeks to see what new things they might have, and who knows, i might get a few other orla things...

Monday, 16 March 2009

dont look up

so last week i told tales of my Californian adventures and i hinted at the amazing carpets that i saw in all the hotels in las Vegas, well i took pictures wherever i saw a carpet that made me walk with my head bowed, i wonder what i missed by staring at the floor for so long ?. these carpets just went on and on and covered immense areas in the casinos and hallways, and one crazy pattern would merge into another without apology and i loved them all. i took so many pictures that i do not really remember what hotel had which carpet, but i know this one below, is my absolute favorite and i do remember it was everywhere in ceasers palace hotel and casino.i wonder if they would have missed a bit if i had got out a sharp knife and helped myself to a bedroom sized piece ?here is some more that made me drool and if i remember correctly this one is from the bellagio hotel and casino. which between me and you i felt was the most pretentious and made me feel the most uncomfortable of all the places we visited, but the carpets ruled..i don't know where i took this next photograph as i was too concerned with feeding the black jack machines with dollar bills, but all of this visual delights made me kinda fall in love with Vegas and i cant wait to go back, and i am in may, this time for longer so i hope to see more crazy sights, but maybe next time ill look up more and not just stare at the carpets..so one more just to finish this carpet love story....till next time.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

its vegas baby

so yesterday i showed some Disneyland pictures and today is the turn of Las Vegas, we only went here for one night with the sole intention of seeing Cher in concert, but we took full advantage of the 24 hours we had in this crazy place. the bus took us from Disneyland and through the desert, which was quite breathtaking, and got us to Las Vegas in about 4 hours, it seemed like we went over a hill and there it was in the distance, looking ever so out of place.at first we really did not like it, we probably went to the wrong casino for our first experience and it was a stinky mess and without saying to each other we were not impressed, however we soon found our feet and wandered around some of the most incredible hotels we had ever seen, Ceasers Palace was just mental, and way over the top,the Venetian was stupidly wrong but in the best way, and the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino was so sparkly and new that it smelt box fresh, even though it had just had a lick of paint and a name change, you would never know.what i did notice in all the hotels was that they all had bonkers carpets that just made your eyes water with the swirls and bright colors and intense patterns,one style merged into another and i loved them, ill do a post about these soon as i have some brilliant photos.
i was excited to visit urban outfitters as the ones in the UK, just don't compare to the American ones, but i was saddened to see that the ones in Vegas only really had the clothes and some books, and not the house things i like so much, i did however sniff out anthropologie and had much fun wandering and looking and touching and dreaming, it is rather expensive but so beautiful, i got a few things in the sale section which ill post about soon. the Cher concert was excellent but the Vegas crowd was rubbish and not what we expected at all, people never even got up from their chairs to dance, it was just strange and really spoiled it, were going again in a few months to see it again so fingers crossed it will get a better reaction..overall we loved Vegas at the end, and know we will visit again many times, we loved playing the black jack machines and even won a bit of money, its definitely not very child friendly place, what with the blatant adverts for prostitutes riding up and down the streets, but its a fun fun place for a few nights, and i cant wait to go back.

Monday, 9 March 2009

im home and shattered.

so I'm back from my adventures in sunny California where we had fun in Disneyland, gambled in las Vegas and saw pandas in San Diego. all this week ill try and post pictures from each separate excursion and ill show you the goodies i bought and the sights i saw, it will be more visual than wordy as that's the way i like to talk...if you know what i mean ?..so today some images of Disneyland, where the weather was glorious and the fun we had was tremendous..Disneyland is the original of the parks Walt Disney designed, and it is simply a lovely place to wander around, the grounds are lush and tropical and beautiful and with the sun shining the whole place seemed to scream, "relax, enjoy and be merry"...so we did, and at night when the lights come on, the magic seems to increase and you forget that just over the hedge is a world full of trouble and worry.we went on all the rides and visited every corner, we got trains and boats and watched all the shows and fully immersed ourselves in the spirit of the place.we ate every available treat and overdosed on pancakes and syrup, we had coke floats and pineapple flavoured ice creams, hot dogs and kettle corn, pizzas and meatballs, and generally had the best holiday we have ever had.ill post vegas pictures tomorrow, i have unpacking to do.