Monday, 9 March 2009

im home and shattered.

so I'm back from my adventures in sunny California where we had fun in Disneyland, gambled in las Vegas and saw pandas in San Diego. all this week ill try and post pictures from each separate excursion and ill show you the goodies i bought and the sights i saw, it will be more visual than wordy as that's the way i like to talk...if you know what i mean ? today some images of Disneyland, where the weather was glorious and the fun we had was tremendous..Disneyland is the original of the parks Walt Disney designed, and it is simply a lovely place to wander around, the grounds are lush and tropical and beautiful and with the sun shining the whole place seemed to scream, "relax, enjoy and be merry" we did, and at night when the lights come on, the magic seems to increase and you forget that just over the hedge is a world full of trouble and worry.we went on all the rides and visited every corner, we got trains and boats and watched all the shows and fully immersed ourselves in the spirit of the place.we ate every available treat and overdosed on pancakes and syrup, we had coke floats and pineapple flavoured ice creams, hot dogs and kettle corn, pizzas and meatballs, and generally had the best holiday we have ever had.ill post vegas pictures tomorrow, i have unpacking to do.

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Everything Stops for Tea said...

Glad you had a good time! I've never been to Disneyland, people dressed up in costume frighten me a bit, plus I think I might get swept up in the excitement and become a happy person and where would that get me!!