Monday, 23 March 2009

nice new things

so today a picture landed in my hands that i have been looking forward to receiving for ages,if my silly postman had done his job properly i would have talked about this weeks ago.but alas its here now and i love love love it, i got it from the fab vintage etsy shop grandmothers attic . i love the colours and the graphics and fonts used on the banner, and i cant wait to frame it and love it forever..i also got a massive bargain from urban outfitters last week, this cardboard stags head was reduced from £30.00 to a lovely £4.99... bargain-tastic, and i want to shout from the rooftops about what good quality it is and how well designed and easy to put together it was...i was half expecting it to be flimsy and a bit rubbish, but i was so wrong.. its fantastic and i know it will be part of my world for a long time, and no animal was hurt in its making..

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rachel.all excitement said...

you should so cover all the different bits in patterned fabric or paper, or even spray paint. or have you already thought of that!