Friday, 27 March 2009

i actually made something

so i finally finished one of those ideas that has been in my head for a while, just swimming around waiting for it to actually materialize into a real life fully completed 3d object,.. i have mentioned before how i help out in my friends shop carry me home and how i make stuff top sell there,and that's what these are for, and they are 80x80cm square lap quilts, baby blankets, play mats ? them what you will.

they are totally unique and super soft, in the past i have used really thick wadding, but i have found this difficult to sew so i have chosen a softer thinner style that is much better, and allows the quilts to be folded easier and compacted to save space when not in use, the mix of fabrics creates a one of a kind patchwork style design.
i will also be listing these in my etsy shop very soon. why have them for sale in one place when you can have a few... I'm loving these and really want to make a huge one for me, but i bet that will swim around my head for a while yet, like most things do.


Diana Jiron Graff said...

These are very very cute! the colors are so bright and cheerful, very well done too ;)

Sarah said...

These are lovely Steven! Well done for getting that idea out there!

Brook said...

I love it!! I like how its not perfect squares!