Sunday, 4 January 2009

this is wrong in many ways

so i was just sitting here thinking what to do next and suddenly looked at what i had just consumed whilst browsing the world wide web looking for inspiration...and its just wrong, but so nice, and its going to stop..(when i finish the 2 boxes i have left)..anyway this made me realise its time to start again, as they say, and kick off the new year with a new sense of urgency, new products will be arriving in the shop, if i ever get the ones i have started finished, and new adventures are on the horizon, so i say onwards and upwards and here we go....scream if you wanna go faster....arghhhhhhhhhhh,..first thing is that normal regular bogging will commence tomorrow...


Sarah said...

Good luck with that! Butter and alcohol are my two evils and tomorrow they are banned-alcohol only for a month though. Butter for ever. Enjoy your last box of chocs!

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lol,so nice

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